The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 260

The Divorced Heiress Revenge

The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 260-Justin walked out of the study with a pale face. His chest was so tight that he was about to suffocate.

He found that Bella was like a scar seared in his heart. He did not dare to touch it because the slightest touch hurt so much that his body might fall apart.

However, what he dared not recall was the fact that Bella had once loved him.

Justin was proud by nature. When he was poor and hungry as a child, he never begged for money or humbled himself.

He and Bella were like gamblers at the betting table who were fighting for not money but dignity.

Justin must never admit that he was the loser in this bet.

“Mr. Salvador.” Ian hurriedly walked up to him. “I have three things to report to you.” “What is it?” Justin forced himself to calm down. A thin layer of sweat broke out on his forehead.

“The first thing is that Ms. Gold has woken up, but she’s not in the right state of mind. She keeps shouting to see you.” Justin’s eyes darkened. “The second one?” “The chairman has found a very powerful lawyer for Shannon, who will be released early tomorrow morning. I found out that her cousin Zephyr had taken all the blame. Shannon is getting away unscathed.” Ian lowered his voice and sounded a little upset.

“What’s that lawyer’s name?” Justin frowned coldly.

“His name is Hunter Lovett.

Justin was shocked. Gregory was indeed a veteran to be able to hire Hunter Lovett, the top attorney in the country, to represent Shannon.

Ian took a step closer to Justin and continued, “What’s interesting is that Hunter Lovett is actually the eldest brother of the young madam’s loyal secretary, Steven Lovett. He’s actually the third son of the Lovett family! What a small world!” Justin’s dark eyes flashed with surprise.

Although the Lovett family was not a wealthy family, they were extremely famous in the legal circle. Steven’s father, Neil Lovett, was a well-known judge in the country. He was revered as the “god of justice” in legal and political circles. Neil had three sons. His eldest son, Hunter, served as a legal consultant for two large conglomerates. He had won numerous high-profile lawsuits domestically and abroad and had never been defeated. Neil’s second son, Clarence, followed his father’s legacy and became a strict judge.

Neil’s youngest son, Steven, seemed mediocre, but his resume was astonishing.

After graduating from high school, Steven went to Savrow University of Political Science and Law on scholarship and became the youngest person at Savrow University to achieve a doctorate in law. He was a man of the hour in college. He could rely on his looks to earn a living, but he still got a full scholarship and ranked first in every course. He was nicknamed ” Aces”.

However, such a rare talent willingly became Bella’s secretary, who took care of her daily life like a male nanny.

Bella was truly surrounded by hidden talents.

Justin could not help but feel bitterness in his heart. He said solemnly, “It’s only a matter of time before Shannon is released. But it doesn’t matter. There is no way she can join the board of directors now.” “The young madam is so amazing to be able to strike down that witch in one blow! Hehe… Mr. Salvador, it’s all thanks to the young madam that we have gotten a bargain this time!” Ian rubbed his hands happily.

Justin looked at him coldly. His handsome face darkened as he said, “If you admire her so much, why don’t you work for her?” Ian was speechless.

“In the past, I won many battles, but you never got so excited. Think clearly about who pays your salary.” Ian kept quiet.

“What’s the third thing?” “Oh! I found the man who was with the young madam last night. It’s really quite shocking to find out his identity!” Ian was creating suspense again.

Justin’s eyes suddenly darkened. His voice was hoarse. “Who is he?” “He’s Christopher Iverson, the fourth and youngest son of Iverson Group’s chairman. He has been living in Sentania and just returned to Savrow a few days ago.” Christopher Iverson from the Iverson Group?

Justin’s heart twitched, and his charming eyes were gloomy.

There were millions of projects in Savrow, and Iverson Group owned half of them. In Savrow, there was a saying in the business community that the south was owned by the Salvadors, while the north was owned by the Iversons.

The two families had hundreds of billions of dollars in assets and were separated by a deep river. They seemed to be in harmony with each other, but in fact, they were at odds and had never stopped.

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