The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 21

The Divorced Heiress Revenge

The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 21-Bella promised herself that she would not jump into the same shithole a second time.

At this time, she received messages from the “Thompson Family Secret Bureau”.

[Asher: Bella, all the defaming news about you was taken down yesterday. The social media accounts that spread rumors about you were also suspended.] [Asher: Justin did all that.] [Bella: Oh, I guess I should thank him.] [Drew: He’s naive if he thinks that deleting those posts will solve everything.] [Declan: Salvador Corporation’s stock price only fluctuated slightly at the market opening this morning. What a pity.] [Axel: Bella, we still have to take revenge on the Gold family even if we can’t do anything for the time being!] [Bella: Of course! I’ll take my time.] Bella called the internal landline. “Steve, come in.” Steven came in quickly. “Any orders, Ms. Bella?” “Did you compile all the documents and evidence I asked you to prepare?” Bella put her hands on the armrests and turned around in her leather chair.

“It’s ready. We can hand it over to the authorities at any time.” “No, no. There’s no rush yet.” Bella crossed her legs. Her fair skin glowed in the sun. “First, find a few media outlets that are closely related to KS Group, like “Hatchbay News”. Then release this news as it is to capture the public’s attention.” “Bringing the media in will make things very troublesome. Wouldn’t it be better to just catch the Golds by surprise?” Steven expressed doubts.

“I always like a sense of ritual. I won’t kill my prey in one quick move. Instead, I want to hold it down and bleed it out slowly.” Bella gently touched the jade bracelet that Nigel gave her and looked at it. Her gaze was cold and cruel.

After this incident was exposed, the Golds would encounter difficulties. Zeke and his father had no power to talk to her, so Rosalind would have to beg Justin to help her.

Bella said to herself, “Justin, I can’t wait to see how concerned you’ll be about your fiancée.” *

That night, when internet traffic was at its peak, this news was exposed. Within an hour, it became a big hit.

“KS Group terminated all cooperation with Gold Corporation due to serious quality issues!” “Shoddy goods? Cutting corners? The quality of Gold Corporation’s subsidiary, Alia Furniture, is worrying.” Due to the sudden incident, Zeke and his father were completely unprepared. In addition, their public relations department was unprofessional, so they had no way to control the public’s opinion, nor could they delete the negative comments.

[Gold Corporation? Isn’t that Justin Salvador’s fiancée’s family? It’s unsightly for something like this to happen before their wedding ] [I thought his fiancee was from a wealthy family. It turns out that her family only sells poor-quality furniture!] [Although I don’t want to judge a person based on their family, this is quite low-level.] [OMG, I have to return the furniture that I just ordered from Alia Furniture tomorrow. What a rip-off!

In the study, Justin heard Ian’s report about the Gold family’s encounter. He just felt like his head was about to explode.

“The Thompsons are the richest family in Hatchbay. They are leading in almost all the industries they are involved in. If they take the lead in boycotting Gold Corporation, no one else will dare to go against them.” Ian curled his lips. He did not have any sympathy for the Golds, so he watched the excitement and mocked them. “It’s a good thing that Gold Corporation isn’t a listed company. Otherwise, their stocks would plummet when the market opens tomorrow morning. Your father-in-law has high blood pressure, so I’m afraid he may faint when he sees this news…” Justin raised his eyes and shot a cold look at Ian.

Ian was so frightened that he dared not speak again.

“There is no evidence to support this news. It may just be groundless.” Justin took a deep breath. His eyes darkened as he added, “How did this quality issue arise?” “I heard that KS World Hotel in Savrow has a new boss. She took the lead in canceling the cooperation. with Gold Corporation. Within a week, all of the hotels under KS Group followed suit and replaced all of Alia Furniture’s products.” “How is it possible that a mere general manager of a hotel has so much power?” “Because she is the daughter of Wyatt Thompson-Bella Thompson.” Bella Thompson?

Justin’s eyes darkened.

Although he had never heard of this name before, it gave him an inexplicable sense of familiarity.

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