The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 166

The Divorced Heiress Revenge

The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 166-The next afternoon, Justin finally woke up.

That night, he had the same dream over and over again.

Justin was assigned a difficult task on the battlefield of Kridor. He and fifty other comrades sneaked into the enemy camp and wiped out the terrorists, successfully rescuing ten hostages.

Those terrorists were armed with heavy firearms. They were child soldiers who had started killing and dabbling in firearms at the age of five.

The desert was stained with blood. It looked like hell on earth.

Originally, Justin was not included in the mission, but he volunteered to join the mission and became a member of the “Suicide Squad”.

“Young man, are you married?” –“No.” “You’re not married, and you don’t have children yet. Why do you want to carry out this mission? All of us have families and children, so we still have a successor if anything happens to us.” At that time, Justin just smiled lightly. He did not care about death.

“Since I have no dependents, I have nothing to fear.” At that time, the two most important women in his life left him, one after another. His heart was dead, so he did not care if he died.

In comparison, he was more afraid of being left alone.

Later, all of them fought to the death, but only less than ten of them survived.

Justin was shot and stabbed in his legs, shoulders, and waist. Just as he thought he would die there, a girl in a white doctor’s coat saved him like an angel descended from heaven.

She wore a thick mask and had neat, short hair. The lab coat she was wearing was torn and dirty. She looked like a battle-damaged angel.

However, her beautiful eyes were sharp and as bright as the sun.

That woman was Justin’s savior, “the little dove”, whom he had been searching for since then.

Unexpectedly, Justin dreamed of the little dove again after meeting Anna last night.

They were obviously two unrelated people, but Justin saw the shadow of the little dove in Anna’s eyes. How strange!

Justin rubbed his temples tiredly and found that his head was no longer hurting.

At this time, Wilma came in with a medicine box.

Seeing that Justin had woken up and looked better, Wilma said happily, “Young Master, you’re awake! How are you feeling today?” “I’m fine…” Justin sat up with some help and was startled that he was already in pajamas.

“When did I change?” “I didn’t know where you went last night, but you came back drenched in water, so I helped you to change your clothes.” Wilma nagged while she tidied up the room. “You’re already thirty. Why do you still not know how to take care of yourself? You really need a wife…” Justin frowned and pulled his hair in frustration.

Last night, he remembered that he had a severe headache, so he went into the study to look for medicine. He could not remember what happened next.

“Wilma, did you change the clothes for me?” “Who else can do it?” Justin held his forehead in embarrassment. “Wilma, I’m thirty, not thirteen. Can you please stop taking off my clothes?” “Oh, you think that I took advantage of you? I’m old enough to be your mother, okay?” Wilma dissed him. “Do you think I want to change your clothes? You’re so heavy, like a dead weight. Also, I’ve grown tired of seeing your butt since you were in diapers.” Justin was speechless.

“Why did you kick Young Madam out? Now, you have no one to blame but yourself for not having someone to rely on and love you. When I die, you’ll be a neglected child. No one will care if you sleep in wet clothes or if you run around naked!” Justin was at a loss for words.

“Hurry up and take off your clothes!” “What do you want to do now?” Justin stepped back.

“I need to apply medicine to the wound on your back! This medicine has to be applied consistently to be effective. Take it off quickly!” Wilma spoke in a stern voice while holding the ointment that the young madam gave her.

Justin stared at Wilma. “How did you know that my back was injured?” “Of course…

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