The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 1533

The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 1533-“Why wouldn’t I be? As long as I’m with you, I’d do anything for Grandpa’s sake.”

Justin’s lips curled up.

“I just feel so guilty…”

Bella wrapped her arms around Justin’s neck, burying her face in his broad shoulders, her voice soft and muffled. “Uncle Matt told me Grandpa Nigel had been feeling unwell for a while, but I didn’t realize it until now.

“Last time, at the cemetery, he still forced himself to stand up from the wheelchair. I feel awful whenever I think about it. How could I be so careless?”

“It’s not your fault, Bella. You’ve done well.”

Justin comforted her gently. “We’ll just be more attentive in the future. Grandpa doesn’t want you to feel so stressed. If he knew, he might not see you.”

He could not help thinking in his heart. Were the two kindest women in the world taken by him and Ryan?

How lucky they were.

Tonight, Nigel’s villa was lively again with the couple’s arrival.

Bella checked Nigel’s pulse and examined him once she arrived. She busied herself in the kitchen, instructing the chef on Nigel’s dietary restrictions based on his condition, looking like a dutiful and caring granddaughter-in-law.

Justin knew nothing about medicine and could not help, even if he wanted to, so he could only sit beside Nigel.

“That’s my Anna! So young yet talented, considerate and filial, and she even makes good food!”

Nigel stared at Bella’s figure and exclaimed, “Sigh, I always liked girls more. In my opinion, an outstanding daughter could inherit the family เอน 3 business too. But your gor net gave me me two sons. If not for her health, I really hope she could give me another daughter… If I had a daughter, I would raise her to be as amazing as Anna and let her inherit the Salvador Corporation. Your Dad? Hmph! He can settle with crumbs!”

Justin listened quietly, his handsome face revealing no expression.

“During the years your father became chairman, how many decent things has he done? If your uncle didn’t pass away so early…” Nigel’s breath suddenly hitched, and he stopped complaining. Justin’s eyes darkened.

He had always felt that the reason Nigel disliked Gregory so much was not only because he married Shannon.

It seemed like Nigel never really favored his eldest son. His words always showed deeper love for his youngest son.

“Luckily, you found your way back and didn’t get misled by your father, choosing Anna in the end.

Otherwise, I won’t rest in peace, could even flip my coffin lid!” The shadows cleared between Nigel’s brows, replaced by humor. Content Justin’s throat tightened. “Grandpa, I did you wrong, and I owe Bella even more… In the past, I…”

Nigel waved his hand. “Hey! Consider the old you dead and gone Aslong as you treat An a broperly now, l will as you tread Anfa properly now, I will be’smiling on my deathbed.”

Matt happened to walk out with a fruit platter in his hands, teelingm exasperated upon|hearing it. “Old Master Nigel, you really shouldn’t talk about death so much. How unlucky!”

“I don’t believe in that stuff! Fate will decide how I die. Besides, with Anna taking care of me, I’ll live at least twenty years longer!”

As he spoke, Nigel placed his hand.

on Justin’s shoulder, as if passing down a heavy responsibility. “Justin, your blessings are yet to come. Mark my words, the Salvador Corporation will be in the hands of you and Anna.”

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Justin’s heart shook. He was about to speak when Bella quickly walked over, her beautiful eyes cold.

“Grandpa Nigel, Justin, I’ve just gotten the news. Ten minutes ago, Shannon’s death penalty had been carried out.”

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