The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 1416

The Divorced Heiress Revenge

The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 1416-“James!”

Charles’ eyes lit up at the sight of James, as if he had just seen his lifeline.

He limped his way around the table to get to James when the police officer on duty restrained him by the shoulders for fear he might do something funny.

James sat there with his back sunk into his seat, but his wary eyes and pressed lips reflected his disdain for his criminal brother.

Family ties had never meant anything to James.

Throughout their childhood, Charles was James’ playmate, but in adulthood, he became a mere tool for James’ manipulation.

To safeguard his own power, James indulged Charles excessively, cleaning up after him and spoiling him rotten. This, however, ultimately proved to be Charles’ downfall, keeping him dependent and easily controlled by James.

Alas, Charles was worthless.

All the more reason James could not stand Charles. He did not think it was his fault that his drastic measures made his brother a killer. Everything James did was to save him, so Charles should take the fall for the aftermath.

“How did I become a killer, James? I never killed anyone!”

Charles’ cracked lips quivered as he said, “I’m being framed! The charge should be dropped! I’m innocent! Someone is out to get me! I would know if I killed anyone.”

“Calm down, Charles. Hear me out.”

With downcast eyes, James cleared his throat and spoke slowly, in case Charles could not catch up. “The evidence in this case is overwhelming, including eyewitness accounts and physical evidence. Your accomplice is still in custody and has confessed to the police that you contracted him to silence the victims.”

“Silence the victims?” Dumbstruck, Charles turned pale. “When did I ask him to kill? I never instructed him to do anything.”

James shook his head helplessly. “You have always taken my advice, growing up. Why did you make the wrong move when it mattered? I told you many times that I would do my best to bail you out, but why didn’t you keep your cool? Dad and I can’t do anything to help you now.”

“It wasn’t me! I didn’t kill anyone! How many times do I have to tell you?”

Charles banged the table with both hands, his spit going everywhere. “Call Dad now! I want to talk to Dad! I’m his favorite son! He won’t leave me to die.”

“Truth be told, Charles. I came to see you and talk to you on Dad’s orders.”

Having lost patience, James furrowed his brows. “I have done enough for you, but you never learned and kept testing Bella and Justin. Even God can’t save you now.”

“What do you mean? Are you giving up on me?”

“I will hire the best attorney to reduce your sentencing, and I will try to make your life comfortable in prison. That’s the best I can do for you now.”

James glanced at his secretary, who pulled out a file from his briefcase to hand to Charles.

The secretary was careful not to take out a pen, as he was afraid Charles might go crazy and use the pen as a weapon against him.

Charles looked at the papers.

It was a contract to transfer shares, and Charles was not expecting that.

“You sure knew how to pick the right time, James!”

Charles heaved heavily and shouted angrily, “I’m not dead. I might be able to get out of here! You can’t wait to take my shares? You pushed too far! Even if I’m dead, my shares will go to Dad, not you!” “Charles, hasn’t reality sunk in yet? Do you think you’d still be here if Dad wanted to save you? You disappointed Dad for the last time, and he’s done dealing with you.”

James looked like he had Charles’ best interests at heart. “You can’t take money and shares to your grave. What’s the point of holding on to them Once judgment day is here, you with likely get a life sentence without parole. Even if I get your sentence reduced, you will be stripped of your assets. The shares you own now will be seized and distributed anyway.”

“Even so, you are getting nothing!”

James gritted his teeth, tempted to take his prosthetic leg and hit him on the head. “I see what’s going on You’re not here to save me. You are just stirring shit up to take my shares! Well, I won’t give them to you. Get lost!”


The news of James’ visit to the detention center reached Christopher’s ears.

“Mr. Iverson, James looked pretty upset when he left the detention center, swearing. I think his talk with Charles didn’t go well.”

Standing behind the sofa, Taylor gave an update on the situation while massaging Christopher’s shoulders with joy.

“I know, right.”

“Once James has played his role in my plan, we can pick a suitable time to give Charles a little ray of hope.”

The phone on the coffee table rang.

Taylor went over to grab the phone but was surprised when he saw the name on the screen. He handed the phone to Christopher with worry.

“It’s Maxwell, Mr. Iverson.”

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