The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 1413

The Divorced Heiress Revenge

The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 1413-Opposite the back alleyway of the police station, Justin held Bella in his arms.

They had been waiting in the car for a long time.

“I just received word from Ralph. He said that his close colleague has been keeping an eye on the case for the past two days. Apart from Charles’ attorney, no one in his family came to bail him out.” Bella sank into Justin’s embrace, her forehead soaking in sweat.

She was on Day 2 of her menstrual cycle, and Justin told her to rest at home, but he was not the boss of her.

Feeling the throbbing pain in her belly, she squirmed in his arm like a loach.

Well, she should have taken Justin’s advice to lay off the salt and sugar.

“James planned this. He would want to disappear now. Why would he stick up to defend a hopeless bastard? He’d be making himself a target.”

Justin wrapped his arm around her shoulders, his warm palm pressing against her belly and rubbing clockwise.

“Hm… Harder… Yes. Harder.”

Justin swallowed hard. The sensation of the woman’s soft belly traveled from his fingertips to his body, stirring a raspiness in his voice. “Well, I told you to cut down on junk food. I’ll get lan to get a drink for you.”

“It’s okay. lan is busy with Rachel. Don’t trouble him for every little thing. He’s your secretary, not your slave.” Bella felt bad for lan.

Justin smiled wryly.

“No news about James or Lance. I guess they are abandoning Charles.”

Contrary to Bella’s sweet voice, the smirk on her face was chilling. “There’s only one move they can make now. The case has nationwide coverage, and everybody is talking about it. The public has lost confidence in the Iverson Group, and James needs to be prosecuted to ease the people’s rage.

“The Iversons can’t use their connections with the police either. No sane officer would touch the case with a ten-foot pole. They would be risking their reputation and credibility with the public. Even if Ralph isn’t involved, we don’t have much to worry about because even God can’t save Charles now.”

Justin grabbed her belly. “Does it still hurt?”

“Hm… I feel a lot better. You’re a good masseur.”

There was a commotion outside the police station.

“Oh, Rachel and the others are out.”

The couple looked out the car window and watched as the two victims, their faces covered, broke through the swarming journalists with the help of their families and bodyguards. They got into the awaiting vehicles.

As they entered the cars safely, Bella held her breath in case anything went wrong.

lan held Rachel in his arms and walked in the back.

One male journalist charged forward and pushed the microphone into her face. He asked aloud, “Were ygy here to give a stgtement an identity Chafles? Did KS Group or Salvador Corporation pressure you? lan stood in front of Rachel like a protective barrier and snapped back, “What are you trying to say?”

“You are Mr. Salvador’s secretary, right? I recognize you.”

The male journalist got in lan’s face.

“You and Bella Thompson’s

secretary have been by the victims’ side. Mr. Salvadon araMs. The “”

Thompson orchestrated the plan to point fingers at Charles, am I right? The Thompsons and the Iversons are long-time friends. Ms. Thompson is close with Oharfes. She even operated on him. With the nature of her relationship with Charles out in the open, she’s eager to dissociate herself from him. She is possibly trying to make herself look good by helping the victims. It’s only logical to think the timing is suspicious.”

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