The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 1404

The Divorced Heiress Revenge

The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 1404-“We’ve been cautious and have made sure no details leaked out.” Justin’s eyes turned cold and dark. “I think the Iverson family has placed spies around the homes of the two main witnesses, watching them closely. They found out about our meeting with Rachel and were worried she might become a witness, so they wanted to eliminate her.”

“Damn it!” Bella and lan exclaimed in unison.

“Charles is still detained. He couldn’t have contacted anyone. So who are the ones acting on his behalf? Could it be that bastard, Christopher?!” lan asked with frustration.

Bella disagreed with a slight shake of her head. “It can’t be Christopher. Out of the whole Iverson family, he’s the one who really wants to see those scoundrels in the family brought down one by one. There is no way he would help Charles.

It’s probably Lance and James instead.”

“It’s James, no doubt about it,” Justin said confidently, his gaze cold.

Bella quickly grabbed his hand, her stunning eyes darting around. “Justin, what makes you so certain it’s him?”

“Lance is not a gangster who goes around killing people he doesn’t like. He’s a relatively successful businessman, and successful businessmen understand the importance of playing it safe. So unless there’s really no other choice, he wouldn’t go to such extreme lengths.

“Even if Charles does end up with some time behind bars, the Iversons will probably pull some strings and get him out in twelve or thirteen years at the most. Plus, as the chairman of the group, Lance wouldn’t take any chances by resorting to murder just to save someone insignificant like Charles, especially if that meant risking everything.”

Justin’s rational assessment made sense. “Also, Charles isn’t his sole heir.

There is also James and the up-and-coming talent, Christopher. Lance wouldn’t get involved in that mess. But the situation with James is different. Bella, you’re the one who knows best about the complex dynamics within the Iverson family.”

Suddenly, Bella felt that Justin had pushed away the gloom in her heart. Her thoughts became clearer.

“That jerk, Christopher, currently has Lance’s favor, while James must be fuming and getting bolder in his schemes to win back his father’s approval. He’s probably trying to earn points with Lance by clearing Charles’ name. The Iverson siblings have always mistreated Christopher, and James and Astrid have benefited from him over the years. If James can help Charles, it’s like gaining an ally for himself, especially since Charles still has shares in the Iverson group.”

Justin’s throat felt dry as he swallowed, an unexplained feeling of agitation growing inside him. “Bella, do you sympathize with Christopher?”

“Yes, I do.”

His breath hitched, and his hand on her waist tightened slowly.

“But what I sympathize with is the Christopher from fifteen years ago. Not the current Christopher, who’s become disturbingly obsessed with greed and ruthlessness.”

As Bella recalled her friendship with Christopher when they were younger, a variety of intense feelings stirred inside her, but she kept looking at Justin steadily, without any hesitation. “I believed that someone who had experienc net pain would comprehend the desire to protect others from hardship. But instead, he turned into someone who continuously destroyed other people. I don’t understand what led him to change like this when he went to Sentania, but whatever it was, it doesn’t justify his behavior.”

If one were to compare the hardships Justin faced in the past, they were much greater than what Christopher experienced. However even with hew conflicts and old grudges, Justin never lost his good nature or tarnished his clear soul.

That’s why she admired him. Justin was a person of strong morals and righteousness. Who wouldn’t love someone like that?

After hearing what she said, Justin smiled with a mix of relief and sarcasm, giving the woman a tender kiss on the cheek.

“President Salvador, Young Madam, I’ll send someone to look into it right away, starting with James!” lan glared at them with intense hatred in his eyes.

et “lan, you don’t need to worry about anything from now on. Just focus on healing your wounds.” Justin refused with a serious expression, “Bella and I will find a way regarding James. Ralph will deal with the assassin who hurt Ms. Mead.”

Bella leaned on Justin’s arms and raised her eyebrows.

“But… But I’m still worried!”

lan was out of breath, feeling the pain in his heart. “When I think of Msm Mead being strangled by that man, pleading for help, I just wish I could take him down myself!”

“If you want peace of mind, then just stay by Rachel’s side.”

Bella could tell what he was thinking and gently said, “Look out for her like a big brother. Make sure she’s well taken care of, and focus on helping her gain weight. lan, that’s the most important thing right now.” “Young Madam…” lan’s eyes filled with tears as he struggled to speak, but before he could say anything, there was a knock at the door from outside the ward.

“Ms. Bella, are you inside?”

It was Steven, who had rushed over upon hearing the news.

Bella and Justin hurried over to open the door. “Steve!”

Outside, Steven was sweating profusely, clearly having rushed there. His voice was urgent “Ms!”

Bella, when arrived, l happened to run into Mrs. Mead and the parents of another girl who was victimized.

They specifically asked to see you.”

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