The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 1401

The Divorced Heiress Revenge

The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 1401-Rachel had cried too much and wore herself out by sharing too many sad things with Bella. As a result, when she got back home, she ended up sleeping until the next afternoon.

Her mother went out to work with their neighbor. As Rachel had a hard time getting out of bed and wasn’t in the mood to go out, she decided to give a call to the tailor she worked at and order some fabric to make the backpack for lan.

Honestly, if it had been someone else asking, she might not have been as ready to invest the time and effort. But when lan timidly made his request, his tone was so sincere that it was obvious he wasn’t kidding.

Rachel took the assignment seriously and wanted to make one for him as soon as possible.

The tailor called in the evening to let her know that a runner was on the way with the fabric, which would be arriving soon. Rachel thanked him and waited patiently at home.

Not long after, there was a knock at the door. She couldn’t wait to open the door, but as her hand landed on the doorknob, she stayed alert and asked cautiously, “Who is it?”

There was a pause from the person outside before they replied, “I have a parcel for you.”

She thought, ‘A parcel? Wasn’t it supposed to be a runner delivering her items?’ Rachel felt suspicious and asked, “Are you local or from out of town?”

The person outside replied, “You’ll see once you open the door to sign the package.”

There was definitely something wrong. Something just did not feel right.

Whether it was from past trauma or simply being extra sensitive, Rachel could clearly sense that there was something amiss about the person at the door.

She knew she could not open the door.

“I-I didn’t order anything online. Are you sure you have the right address? Go check at someone else’s house!”


The loud bang of someone kicking the door filled Rachel with fear. She trembled, quickly covering her mouth and stepping back with each sound!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The old door rattled fiercely from the strong pounding, as if it could collapse any second!

Just as her call to 911 was connected, a tall, burly man dressed in black crashed through the door.

“Help!” Rachel was filled with intense fear, tears pouring down her face in an instant.

Before she could even see the man’s face clearly, he had thrown her to the ground and choked her violently.

“Help… Help…”

Rachel’s complexion turned to a dark purplish hue as she tried to defend herself against the man’s rough, bulging arms. She struggled to make some noise with her throat being strangled, only able to get out a few broken words.

As she felt herself suffocating in despair, her vision blurred and the sound of the man’s heavy breaths gradually faded away.

In a daze, Rachel felt the grip around her neck loosen.

Then she heard a commotion, with two shadowy figures grappling and fighting within the chaos.

In the last moments before losing consciousness, she heard someone calling her name, “Ms. Mead, hold on!”

She thought that it sounded like lan’s voice.

However, in the end, she closed her eyes and fell into a coma.

lan and the man in black were locked in a fierce battle in the small living room.

He had been sent by Justin to check on Rachel’s condition and deliver a condolence payment.

Unexpectedly, lan happened to see someone attempting to murder Rachel.

lan fought desperately with the assassin, but he was not a skilled fighter like Steve. His half-baked moves were not up to par with the assassin’s combat skills. After several rounds, lan was thrown to the ground, feeling like every bone in his body had been broken, “Since you can’t mind your own business, then both of you shall die together!”

The assassin grabbed a kitchen knife from the stove, raised his arms, and plunged it directly into lan’s chest.


“Arghh !”

At the critical moment, a gleaming knife cut through the tense air and swiftly slashed the murderer’s arm, making him drop the kitchen knife due to intense pain.

With a clang, the kitchen knife fell to the ground.

“Mr. Ralph?!” lan exclaimed in disbelief.

Before the assassin could react, Ralph moved swiftly, like lightning, and delivered a strong roundhouse kick, sehding the assassin flying through the air before crashing heavily to the ground. “Don’t move! If you move again, I’ll shoot!”

Ralph’s long legs buckled as he pressed agang ine ran spine With a swift move, Ralph pulled out a gun from behind his waist and aimed it right at the back of the man’s head.

The assassin didn’t dare to fight back, but his right arm was still bleeding as he winced in agony.

“Captain Thompson!”

“Captain Thompson! Are you okay?!”

At this moment, two police officers from the same team also showed up. They put handcuffs on the assassin and made him stand.

“Take this guy back. Get an ambulance here right away! We have a woman who’s been hurt!” Ralph was resolute as he quickly issued his commands.

“Yes, Captain Thompson!”

His subordinates quickly escorted the assassin into the police car, putting an end to the crisis.

At that moment, lan, battered and bruised, struggled to rise from the ground.

With the last of his strength, he held the unconscious Rachel in his arms. “Ms.

Mead… Hold on… You must hold on!”

As lan took a step forward, his body shook in pain, but he was quickly supported by Ralph.

“lan, what are you doing? Don’t you realize you’re badly injured too?”

“I… I’ll take her to the hospital!” lan was panting and holding the girm tightly in his arras! Ae Could hardly sée the road in front of him. “The ambulance is not as fast as me. I’ll take her to the hospital right away!”

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