The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 1396

The Divorced Heiress Revenge

The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 1396-“What did you say? Rachel was taken away by Bella and Justin?!”

In the bedroom, James pushed his hesitant wife, Coral, onto the bed and forcefully removed her nightgown, getting ready to give her this week’s “assignment”.

Ever since Christopher succeeded in taking over the position and gained his father’s approval, the pressure on him has shot up. Now, whenever he felt the urge, he would force Coral to have sex with him, all for the sake of continuing the family line. He was eager to have his wife give birth to the Iverson family’s first grandson as soon as possible.

A father valued his children most. As the eldest son, if he could have the first grandchild for the Iverson family, he would feel more secure within the family and gain more influence than Christopher. However, just as he was about to begin, a sudden emergency call completely ruined the mood.

“Are you sure that it was that evil couple that took that little girl away?” James rolled out of bed naked and quickly picked up his pants from the ground to put them on, panicking as if he had been caught. “The person we sent to keep an eye out said that Justin’s secretary, lan, was the one picking up Rachel. It has to be them, no doubt about it!”

The secretary sounded anxious as she continued, “The informant also mentioned that Rachel didn’t appear to be taken against her will but left willingly with them. Mr. Iverson, do you think there’s any chance of changing her mind?

She seemed determined to testify in court.”

“How the hell am I supposed to know that?! Do you think I’m some kind of mind reader?”

James let out an angry roar, behaving completely different from the usual calm and composed person that Coral knew. This sudden change sent shivers down her spine.

“What should we do next? Please give us the instructions, Mr. Iverson!”

James adjusted his belt and looked at him sternly. “It doesn’t matter whether Rachel has changed her mind and is doing it voluntarily. She is a threat and cannot be left alive!”

When Coral heard this, her pupil’s shrank in fear, clutching the bedsheet tightly with both hands.

The secretary asked once more to confirm the instructions. “So, you mean…We have to kill her?”

James replied. “She’s currently with that pathetic couple, so let’s not alert would be them for the time being.

difficult to take action if we draw attention to ourselves.” S James walked towards the window and said with a lowered voice, “Wait until they leave, then find a suitable opportunity in the next couple of days to take action. The quicker, the better.” sŵ “Understood!”

“By the way, don’t use our own people.”

James smiled wickedly and said, “Since this isn’t our problem, we should use his people to do it.”

As the call ended, he had lost all interest in having sex. He quickly put on his clothes and walked out. “J-James…” Coral timidly called after him.

“What?” James looked impatient and didn’t even bother sparing his wife a glance.

They got married for political reasons and didn’t have a strong

emotional bond. Plus, after many years of marriage, shechad no? given him, any children. Her family’s

influence was also diminishing. As a result, he no longer paid much attention to his wife. Content belongs toCoral’s complex feelings troubled her deeply. She hesitated before saying, “Jamesy think. Maybe we should just let her go.”James frowned at her. “Let her go?”

“That girl, please spare her. She’s really pitiful.”

Before Coral could finish speaking, James lunged at her, with bloodshot eyes, raised his hands, and slapped her forcefully across the face.

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