The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 1392

The Divorced Heiress Revenge

The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 1392-Despite the Iversons’ effort to suppress it, the livestream scandal kept Charles’ reputation plummeting as if in a contest of blame, with many eager to step on him, relishing the spectacle surrounding the Iversons.

The drama escalated when an obscure heiress from the Thompson family accused him of attempted rape, keeping the public interest alive.

As the scandal’s intensity refused to wane, Charles remained indefinitely in the crosshairs of the police.

Lance even humbled himself to seek leniency from the police chief.

Unfortunately, the top tycoon, Wyatt, suddenly returned to the headlines after a long absence.

On the office television, a news segment suddenly cut in.

It showed a reporter interviewing Wyatt after a ribbon-cutting ceremony for a new project.

The reporter began, “Mr. Thompson, regarding the livestream incident a few days ago, the young woman who claims to be your daughter…”


Wyatt’s expression instantly darkened, and he countered sharply, “Which media outlet are you from that you have such a delayed grasp of information? You dare call yourself a reporter?”

His formidable presence left everyone around too intimidated to breathe.

Holding the microphone, the reporter trembled as Wyatt sternly corrected him.

“She’s my biological daughter, the youngest princess of the Thompson family.

Her mother is my third wife, Celeste.”

Wyatt’s expression was particularly stern, but when he mentioned his daughter, a rare warmth appeared in his sharp, eagle-like eyes. “To me, Bella and Amelia are the apples of my eye. I’ve kept Amelia out of the public eye because she’s young and still in school. Besides, both Amelia and Celeste prefer to keep a low profile. I didn’t want to disrupt her education and life. That’s why I rarely bring her to public events. Above all, my actions have always been to protect my youngest daughter. However, my efforts to protect her allowed Charles, that lust-driven monster, to harm my daughter!”

The audience gasped in shock.

Damn, Chairman Thompson’s remarks were incredibly harsh!

Despite Wyatt’s known close relationship with Lance, he clearly was not holding back for the sake of his daughter, showing no mercy to the Iversons.

“My daughter has endured unbearable humiliation. I will not allow the Iversons to attempt to settle this matter privately. I will see this through to the end!”

Wyatt’s eyes turned fiery red as he struggled to contain his fury, barely keeping his composure as he clenched his teeth. “Lance Iverson, if you have any shred of decency left, make your son face the law and apologize to my daughter!

Otherwise, the Iversons will become the number one public enemy of the KS Group!”

Lance was livid, breathing heavily as he fumbled to turn off the television.

He knew Wyatt was a determined, formidable, and influential man who always followed through on his words.

This was not just a threat. It was an outright declaration of war!

“Ahem… Chairman Iverson, as you’ve seen, your son’s issue has now seriously escalated and even involves Chairman Thompson’s daughter, making this extremely difficult.”

The police chief shook his head. “If it weren’t for that livestream, I could’ve intervened. However, now the entire country is watching, and the higher-ups are aware of this incident. If I were to help you now… Not to mention offending Chairman Thompson, I might even lose my job if the higher-ups find out about this. Perhaps you should have a proper talk with Chairman Thompson?”

“Talk, talk, talk… What exactly is there really to talk about?!”

If the television had not belonged to someone else, Lance would have smashed it already.

Meanwhile, at Yara Park, while the news featuring Wyatt was airing, the young couple had just woken up late and finished their morning bath after having spent the night indulging in each other’s company. Wrapped only in a bath towel that barely covered her, Bella sat obediently on a bathroom chair while Justin dried her hair.

Her hair was thick and silky. As usual, Justin took his time with the hairdryer, carefully combing and applying hair oil to it. Despite the effort involved, Justin had never shown his impatience. Instead, he found joy in the task, cherishing every moment. Caring for Bella and treating her well was an addiction embedded deep within his bones, one he could never shake off.

“Mmm… You’re so good at this. It feels amazing…”

Bella’s eyes narrowed with contentment. “I’m about to fall asleep again.”

“Why don’t you sleep a little longer, then?” Justin suggested, leaning in to kiss her cherry-red earlobe.

“No. With Amelia’s issue still hanging and Wyatt causing more drama, how could I possibly sleep?”

Bella was scrolling through Twitter

comments, her lips curling into a small smile. “Luckily, Wyatt’s recent spectacle has managed taswing public opinion in Amelia’s favor Now, more people are supporting her and the Thompsons, pressing the Iversons for answers

“Amelia is such a likable girl. Naturally, her popularity is on the rise. Besides, with Chairman Thompson making their et father-daughter relationship public, it shoul@silence those with ill intentions. Things seem to be looking up.” Justin commented, expertly managing her hair like a seasoned stylist.

“Still, we shouldn’t celebrate too soon. Yesterday, my brother told me he could only detain Charles fora while, Without more evidence, that monster will get released soon.”

Bella’s voice was tinged with resentment as she bit her lip.

“Don’t worry, Bella. This isn’t over. There could still be a turnaround.”

Just as Justin finished his sentence, Bellas phone started ringing. Shel glançedätthe sereen to see a call from an unfamiliar number.

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