The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 1379

The Divorced Heiress Revenge

The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 1379-Bella Thompson was Amelia’s sister?!

The few girls’ mouths hung open, dumbfounded. The one crying stopped, as she was too shocked to shed tears.

Sitting on the ground, the wavy-haired girl shuddered, covering her swollen face with her hands. Her legs shook as she kicked the ground, trying to push herself back, but there was nowhere to retreat. Although Amelia’s last name was also Thompson, she usually kept a low profile and lived like an ordinary girl. Who would have thought that Amelia was, in fact, the daughter of the wealthiest man in Hatchbay?!

The three men watched the scene with different expressions, but they all admired Bella’s actions.

Steven had been prepared to abandon his gentlemanly demeanor to teach these foul-mouthed gossiping women a lesson. But unexpectedly, Bella had decisively disciplined them in matters of human decency. Justin’s clenched fists relaxed. He stared at Bella’s proud figure without blinking, his thin lips curling up.

However, he still harbored some dissatisfaction toward himself for having a slower reaction.

“Weren’t you happily yapping just now? Why have you gone mute all of a sudden?”

Bella smiled coldly, leaning down and looking into the wavy-haired girl’s eyes.

“You’re still young and have much to learn. You have such a foul mouth.”

“Quick… Record it! Record it! Bella Thompson laid a hand on innocent students!” The girl risked it all and yelled defiantly, trying to act like a helpless victim and turn the tables on Bella by taking the moral high ground.

The girls held their phones, but Bella’s dominant and pressuring presence made them flustered. No one dared to press record.

“Tsk! Do you think I’ll be scared? My name is already notorious. I don’t mind adding you to the list.”

Bella smiled smugly, carrying a hint of unabashed mischievousness, which was stunningly beautiful. “If you don’t even dare to offend the Iverson family, can you offend the Thompson family? Do you believe I’ll crush your dreams of entering the entertainment industry before you even step out of these gates?”

The wavy-haired girl’s expression turned stiff and frozen, while the other girls quickly put away their phones. They were terrified this time.

Bella crossed her arms, shaking her head as she tutted, “I’ve lived for 25 years, but you guys really taught me something. You’d do the victim-blaming and speak up for a corrupt and wicked rapist. Your academy must accept all kinds of immoral students, huh?

“These few slaps will serve as your tuition fees for speaking without your brains.

I have eyes and ears af over Savrow. If I hear you say anything disrespectful about my sister again, it won’t be as simple as el.n S~ᴇaʀᴄh the ꜰindNʘvel.ɴet website on Gøøglᴇ to access chapters of novels early and in the highest quality.

a few slaps next time. Now, scram!”

Bella roared, and the other girls helped the wavy-haired girl to her feet while shuddering and scurrying away.

Justin strode to Bella’s side, holding her trembling shoulder with his right arm. He parefully held her hand and blew softly on her palm.

The burning sting on Bella’s palm eased a little, but the anger in her chest was difficult to extinguish.

“Damn it… How dare they talk about Amelia like that! Slapping them a few times was too easy!”

“But my Bella was never a ruthless and cruel woman. No matter bow!

mad youjare, you would let them off with a minor punishment.”

Justin tightened his grip on her round shoulder, his gaze darkening. “Bunfor things yau ganitdo, Xcan do them for you.! No matter what it is.” “It’s just a few stupid girls. You don’t need to.”

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