The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 1376

The Divorced Heiress Revenge

The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 1376-At this moment, in Savrow, Amelia stood alone in front of the police station in the east district of Savrow, gritting her teeth as she walked in. “Young lady, are you here to report a case?” A female police officer greeted her.

Amelia nodded, asking softly, “Is Captain Ralph here?”

Ralph was swamped with work for two days and slept soundly in the duty room.

After hearing that Amelia was here to find him, he immediately jumped up and went to see her.

In his office, Amelia sat facing Ralph, fiddling with her fingers until her knuckles were red.

“Amelia, you suddenly came here to find me. Did something happen?” Ralph carefully observed her, but his tone was full of concern.

Ralph and Amelia had different mothers. Amelia was naturally timid and always followed behind Bella since she was a child, hidden in Bella’s shadows. Even so, Ralph never showed favoritism and treated both his sisters the same.

Whenever he returned from an overseas business trip, he would bring the same gifts for Bella and Amelia. However, as they grew older, they spent less time together. Amelia was a timid and introverted girl who would not take the initiative to contact her brothers, like Bella did. Therefore, they were not as close on the surface.

But whether it was Bella or Amelia, they were both his sisters. His level of love for them was the same.

After a long silence, Amelia slowly raised her eyes, looking into Ralph’s sharp gaze.

“Ralph, I want to come forward as a victim to testify against Charles’ sexual assault.”

Ralph’s pupils contracted. “Amelia, what did you say?”

“I want to sue Charles for sexual assault.” When Amelia said it out loud, her heart felt as if it was bleeding. Ralph pursed his lips tightly.

He was an outstanding policeman, with enough professional investigative skills and solid mental fortitude. But when the incident happened to his family, he had to be extremely careful, even though he wanted to bring that animal, Charles, to justice more than anyone else.

“Amelia, did you tell Aunt Celeste about this? What about Bella? Does she know?”

Amelia shook her head, her voice solemn. “Ralph, if I told them, do you think I could still come here to find you? To be honest, I went to see Bella and Justin last night and told them my plan, but they strongly opposed it.”

Ralph’s eyelashes fluttered, and he said heavily, “They didn’t let you do this because they’re afraid that you will get hurt. You are also my sister. I care for you the same as they do. Do you think I would agree to let you do this?”

“You will.”

Amelia’s eyes shone with starlight, filled with determination and trust in him.

“Because you are a police officer. You will be impartial and uphold the law. You will catch the criminal at any cost and bring justice to the victim!”

Ralph’s heart thumped rapidly, and the blood in his veins boiled.

“I’ll arrange for someone to talk to the victim and their family tomorrow. I’ll tell them that the inyestigation M process will not be made public, and the police will do everything to ensure their safety. Let me record your statement first.”

But soon, his rationality took over, and he sighed heavily. “Amelia, I am genuinely proud that you are willing to come forward bravely to stand against evil. However, it’s been a while since your incident, and there might not be enough evidence. Besides, what Charles did to you was only an attempt. He did not cause any penetration, so the possibility of sentencing him is still low.” Amelia’s brows furrowed, and her breath hitched.

“I’ve been in charge of a few rape cases before, but due to the complex relationship between the victim and the suspect, obtaining evidence is much harder.”

Ralph gritted his teeth indignantly.

“Coupled with the pressure from the Iverson family, the victims do not dare to speak the truth. It puts us in a passive position. Amelia, I don’t want to rain on your parade, but even if you testify, it won’t cause much of a stir in the case. If anything, it may even backfire. Bella and Justin must have thought of this. That’s why they stopped you, so don’t blame them. They were only trying to protect you.”

The office fell into a suffocating silence.

“Ralph, then how can we deal a heavy blow to Charles? Are we really helpless against him?!” Amelia asked with anxious eyes.

Ralph was about to stand up, but Amelia grabbed his arm. “What are the chances of success? Bella and Justin had visited those two girls yesterday, but it didn’t go well. Even they could not persuade those girls. Can you?”

Ralph understood that Amelia was not questioning the police’s capability. She was merely speaking impulsively out of anxiety.

He never boasted or made empty promises to comfort people. He spoke honestly. “To be frank, the chances aren’t high, but if we don’t even try, there will be ng chanoelof winning Our biggest problem now is that the heat of this incident is passing, and the Iverson Group is deteting posts and comments frantically. Without the attention of the media and the public, the victims won’t have the courage to speak out.

If we cause a huge commotion on the Internet, it’ll encourage the victims and put enormous pressure on the Iverson family.”

“A huge commotion?” Amelia’s eyes widened.

“Amelia, many things are not as simple as you think.”

Ralph patted her thin shoulder, his distressed gaze landing on her clear eyes. “You are Wyatt’s daughter, yet those bastards dared to target you.

other girls are only meat on chopping blocks against a powerful sMalth tha Find Model.n&t website on Googld to access chapters of novels early and in the highest quality.

conglomerate. After I take your statement, go home and wait for my news.”

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