The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 130

The Divorced Heiress Revenge

The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 130-Bella looked at Axel coldly. “Axel, when you called me earlier, you were worried that Drew would do something to Justin. It has only been a few hours since, but you changed your tune already?” “Oh, so you’re the one who ratted me out! Axel, you snitch!” Drew narrowed his sharp eyes and glared at Axel. He gritted his teeth and said, “Just you wait! I’ll rip out your balls!” “How dare you talk to your older brother like that?! You’re so disrespectful! Baby sis, please don’t hold back and unleash hell on this psycho. You should just throw him into the furnace!” Axel saw that it was useless to persuade Bella, so he simply added fuel to the fire.

Anyway, Drew would not survive tonight, and Axel did not want to get implicated.

“Drew Brown! You still have the nerve to yell at Axel? Do you still refuse to admit your mistake?!” Bella raised her eyebrows in anger.

“What did I do that’s so wrong? Since ancient times, beauty has been the downfall of great heroes. I’m just getting rid of that homme fatale for you, baby sis!” Drew frowned and had a rebellious look on his face.

“You’re ridiculous!” Bella was so angry that she slapped the armrest of the sofa. As a result, she injured her shoulder and winced from the pain.

“Bella, what’s wrong?” “Baby sis, are you okay?! Don’t scare me!” “Ms. Bella, are you alright?! I’ll get the car and take you to the hospital right now!” Asher, Axel, Drew, and Steven instantly panicked. The four grown men surrounded Bella worriedly, as if she were about to deliver a baby.

Drew knelt on one knee in front of Bella, carefully took her delicate hand, and pressed it to his heart. His face turned pale with fright.

“Baby sis, does your wound hurt? It’s all my fault… You can hit me and scold me all you want!” “Do you finally admit your mistake this time?” Bella gasped lightly as a thin layer of sweat formed on her forehead.

“I…” Drew thought of how Bella sacrificed herself and took the bullet for him. He regretted his actions so much that his breathing became difficult. “Bella, I’m so sorry… I just couldn’t bear seeing my favorite sister suffer because of that piece of shit. You’re the apple of our eyes, and we have showered you with love. But that bastard Justin hurt you and made you sad, so he must pay the price!” “Drew, I’ll only say this one last time.” Bella’s eyes instantly turned red. She said word for word, “I married Justin on my own accord. No one forced me. I knew he was in love with someone else, and I knew how cold he was. At that time, I thought my passion could warm him. I thought I could make him fall in love with me, but in the end, I failed. I should be held responsible for my choices. It has nothing to do with him. They are my problems, so I won’t allow you to cause trouble for him. I won’t allow you to hurt him!” Drew was shocked to hear this.

“Drew, I can’t get over this.” Bella sighed quietly, with a hint of pain in her eyes. “To be honest, I have been in love with Justin for so long that even though we are divorced now, he’s still important to me. Can’t we just let everything end quietly? Why do you have to do this to keep getting me involved in his life when I’m ready to start over? When you hit him, did you ever think about my feelings?” “Bella, I’m sorry! It’s all my fault. Please give me another chance! I’ll do whatever you want! I will never find fault with Justin again!” Drew begged with watery eyes.

He had carried out many dangerous missions without flinching, but he was frightened when he saw that his sister might not forgive him.

“Baby sis…” Bella’s sad eyes flickered with a sly thought. She pouted and said in a soft voice, “Then go home with me to have dinner with Wyatt in two days.” Asher and Axel looked at each other, exchanging a knowing look.

Drew was reluctant, but he had to compromise in order to coax Bella. “Fine! I’ll go back with you.”

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