The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 13

The Divorced Heiress Revenge

The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 13-Rose?” Justin calmed down.

“Justin! Come help me!” Rosalind cried for help. “I’m in your office lobby, surrounded by reporters! I’m so scared!” “I’ll pick you up now!” Without hesitation, Justin grabbed his suit jacket and walked out the door.

“Mr. Salvador! You can’t go!” Ian hurriedly stepped forward to stop him. “Just send your bodyguards to pick up Ms. Gold. If you go in person, the reporters will bombard you!” Justin’s face was gloomy as he rushed out without any hesitation.

“Ms. Gold! When is the wedding date with Mr. Salvador?” “You and Mr. Salvador are said to be childhood sweethearts. How many years have you known each other?” “What do you think of Mr. Salvador’s ex-wife? The article wrote that his ex-wife got between you and Mr. Salvador. Is this true?” The reporters’ cameras and microphones almost hit Rosalind’s face. Although the bodyguards acted as human shields, the scene was still very chaotic.

Rosalind pretended to be meek, but in fact, she was overjoyed.

She was the one who announced their marital news to the media. She also revealed that Anna was a third party in her relationship with Justin.

She thought, ‘That bitch dared to take the bracelet that belonged to me and even humiliate me. So I’ll make her a homewrecker that everyone hates!” “Thank you for your concern. Mr. Salvador and I will inform you of the good news as soon as possible.” Rosalind flashed a demure smile that she thought was particularly pretty in front of the camera. “As for Mr. Salvador’s ex-wife, Ms. Brown, I know very little about her. Please stop attacking her. After all, they are divorced now, so please let her live in peace.” Once she spoke, all the reporters became even more excited. The scene also became more chaotic.

Just when Rosalind retreated like a frightened bird, a solid chest shielded her. Justin put his arm around her shoulders and walked quickly toward the door.

“Justin, you’re finally here!” Rosalind’s eyes were teary, looking as if she were about to cry.

Justin clenched his chiseled jaw and remained silent.

Suddenly, he stopped and could not help but turn to look around.

He had a feeling that Anna was nearby, watching everything that was happening.

But how was that possible?

The surveillance camera at the entrance to Salvador Corporation moved slightly.

Bella sat in her office and saw everything that had happened outside Salvador Corporation’s lobby door clearly.

She watched helplessly as Justin shielded Rosalind in his arms.

It was a lie to say that Bella was not upset by this.

“Justin, you’re so protective of her, but have you ever protected me once?” Bella’s eyes turned red.

She thought, ‘Two years ago, on that stormy night, when I was almost dying from pain, I called you in hopes that you would show up. Even though I knew it was a slim chance, I still tried to call you. But you rejected my call. After devoting myself wholeheartedly to you for three years, I was just a tool for you to please Grandpa and delay time. You’re not worth it, Justin. You’re the biggest mistake of my life.’ At this time, she received a message from the Thompson Family Secret Bureau.

[Asher: Bella, the director of Savrow Daily, who exposed the marital news, has been replaced. Your ex- husband ordered this. It seems like his girlfriend released this news, and it has nothing to do with him.] Bella’s long eyelashes trembled as she replied.

[Bella: It’s all the same whether it’s his girlfriend or him.] [Axel: Yeah! They’re the same kind of people!] [Axel: Bella, I just found some important information. I’ll tell you in private.] [Drew: Just say it here.] [Axel: No! I found this out, so don’t you all dare to take credit from me! Find out for yourself!] After speaking, Axel sent Bella a voice message.

“Bella, I found some interesting things about Rosalind.” On the surface, Axel was a public prosecutor, but only the Thompson siblings knew that he was also a hacker. Although Axel was not as good as her fourth brother, Declan, he was still useful. No criminal would escape punishment.

It was the same in the case of Rosalind.

He sent over a few photos.

One of them was a photo of Rosalind dressed scantily and making out with another man.

“Not bad, Ax! You know your stuff!” Bella whistled and flipped through the photos happily. “Where did you get these?” “Rosalind Gold has hundreds of followers on Instagram. I spent the last few days checking them one by one. Then I found out that this man looked suspicious, so I hacked into his account and his phone’s photo library to find these treasures. This man is a fitness instructor and has a lot of fans.” “Thanks for your hard work, Ax. I’ll treat you to a big dinner tonight!” “What about drinks too?” “Okay, we’ll go for drinks too!” “Don’t get too excited now. I have something even more jaw-dropping. Even I was shaken.” As he spoke, Axel sent over a medical report, followed by several pictures of a woman’s abdomen.

“This is…” Bella was startled.

“Can you believe it? Rosalind gave birth to a child in Meridan. These photos are her stretch marks after giving birth.” Bella’s shoulders shook. She enlarged the photo and looked at it carefully.

“That woman wasn’t sick at all. She just made excuses to go to the hospital frequently. In fact, she went to the plastic surgery department to remove the stretch marks on her belly. Hah! I guess advanced technology just makes things easier for these people with ulterior motives. I have been handling cases for so many years. I’ve heard of secretly swapping paternity tests, but I’ve never heard of removing stretch marks! I guess this just means that Rosalind and Justin have yet to sleep with each other. Otherwise, she would’ve been exposed long ago.” Bella breathed a sigh of relief and said, with mixed feelings, “That’s good.” “How is that good?! Does it matter? He cheated on you anyway. Bella, you have to change your way of thinking. Why would you comfort yourself with this?” Axel was afraid that his sister would be soft- hearted and forgive Justin. He just wished that he could run over and shake some sense into her.

Bella laughed. “Ax, you misunderstood me. I don’t love Justin anymore. I just feel less disgusted that he hadn’t touched Rosalind while we were still married.” “Haha! I guess it’s karma that Justin’s sweetheart cheated on him!” Axel continued his rant. “That motherfucker deserves it! He doesn’t want the gorgeous daughter of the richest man in Hatchbay and instead insists on marrying a tramp like Rosalind!” “Well, that’s how Justin is. Money can’t buy his love.” Bella sneered, feeling bitter in her heart.

After all, she had been in love with Justin for 13 years, so she would need time to get over him.

But no matter what, she promised that she would never fall in love with Justin again.

“That tramp is attacking you now, so let’s dish this out and teach her a lesson!” Axel was eager to kill Rosalind.

“I’ve had a habit since I was young to always save the best-tasting food for last.” Bella squinted her charming eyes and smiled dangerously. “This trump card should only be used at a critical moment so that it’ll give her a lethal blow.”

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