The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 1281

The Divorced Heiress Revenge

The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 1281-Steven’s heart sank, and he immediately flew toward the living room downstairs.

Wyatt was not home today. After hearing that his daughter had secretly run off to find Justin and even jumped off the building, Wyatt was shocked and furious. He rushed to Savrow with Quentin. However, they were intercepted halfway by Asher and Drew. Drew even went as far as to smash the tires of Wyatt’s multimillion-dollar Rolls-Royce to stop him from beating up Justin.

No one knew where the brothers took Wyatt or what the current situation was.

Thus, Wyatt’s wives and Amelia were the only ones at home.

“Mom, your body is weak. Take it easy.”

Hunter supported Chelsea, who looked haggard, to sit on the sofa.

He comforted his mother gently. “Since we know that Steven has been with Amelia all these days, you don’t need to worry. Steven is almost thirty years old.

It’s his first time being in love, so it’s understandable that he couldn’t control himself, falling head over heels in love with her. You have to be mentally prepared for this when you raise a child. Among us brothers, Steven has always been the best to you and Father. Don’t get angry over this matter. You should take care of your health first.”

Hunter’s words seemed comforting on the surface, but he was actually sarcastically fanning the flames.

As expected, Chelsea’s expression darkened, and she coughed while clutching her chest. “I think your words might come true! If I don’t step in now, will he still respect me as his mother or his family?” “Mom, you’re overthinking it. It’s not as serious as you said!” Hunter patted Chelsea’s back.

“You’re right. Steven has met too few women in his life and has had little experience dating, so he was easily seduced by that girl. He has turned into another person!”

Chelsea gritted her teeth indignantly. “If I don’t step in now, he wouldn’t even know if he’s been deceived. It would be my failure as a mother!”

“Deceived? Mrs. Lovett, I wonder who you’re afraid of deceiving your son?”

A cold and regal voice suddenly sounded, startling the Lovetts.

Mila and Celeste walked over, hand in hand. Mila was noble and elegant, showing her upbringing as a prominent family’s daughter.

Chelsea pursed her lips awkwardly and forced a smile. “Madam Mila, how have you been?”

Among Wyatt’s three wives, Chelsea had always looked down upon Sasha and Celeste, whose backgrounds were unworthy of mention. However, Mila was the only one she did not dare to offend. “Mrs. Lovett, I know you’re just anxious for your son, but Steven is your son, not your daughter. Is it suitable to watch over him excessively like a fragile flower in a greenhouse?”

Mila ignored her greetings and smiled coldly. “Steven is a good child, but if you keep monitoring him like this, you might just crush his individuality. Moreover, can you control him forever? It’s better to relax and enjoy your retirement with Neil. Don’t end up destroying your relationship with your son.”

Chelsea immediately burned with fury, standing up from the sofa. “Madam Mila, I know my son the best. I did this to protect our relationship! Steven is still young and inexperienced. He’s simple-minded, especially lacking judgment in aspects of love! He doesn’t know what kind of woman suits him the most, not even realizing he has been led astray.”

Celeste’s eyes immediately turned red from anger, feeling breathless.

Chelsea did not mention a word about her daughter, but she was clearly insulting Amelia with each word! How could she tolerate this?!

However, Celeste was clumsy with words. Luckily, Mila had spoken up before she opened her mouth, her eyes sharp and intimidating. “Mrs. Lovett, are you talking about Amelia? You’d better think clearly before answering me.”

Seeing that the situation was tense, Hunter quickly grabbed his mother, hoping to stir up trouble.

Unexpectedly, Chelsea was motivated by her love for her son. She smiled instead as Mila provoked her. “Madam Mila, don’t take it the wrong way. My child knows his place. How could he deserve someone from the mighty Thompson family? Only a family like the Iversons could match the precious Ms.

Amelia, who was born with a silver spoon.”

Celeste’s face flushed red, and even the corner of her lips twitched slightly.

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