The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 1272

The Divorced Heiress Revenge

The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 1272-Seeing them cuddle affectionately, Drew felt relieved, even though he had countless complicated emotions.

The Thompson brothers strived their whole lives to let Bella find her happiness.

However, they could not set the standard for her happiness. She should choose and decide for herself. After experiencing so many hardships, she still chose Justin without hesitation. It would be inhumane and heartless of them to forcefully deprive her of her true love, ruining her happiness. “Christopher had been guiding and controlling Zoe behind the scenes. During the banquet, we pressured and interrogated her, but even so, she did not sell him out.”

Justin’s gaze was heavy. “I don’t think she’s loyal to Christopher, but rather, she genuinely didn’t know who was giving her ideas and using her as a pawn.”

Bella nodded in agreement.

Ryan’s eyes were red in anger, his hands on his knees trembling as they clenched into fists. “Bella, Justin, I’m sorry. It’s my failure as her brother to educate her. My mother and I spoiled that brat too much, turning her into this inhumane animal!”

“Ryan, don’t say that. It has nothing to do with you,” Justin comforted gently.

“She refuses to be a good human and serves as Christopher’s bitch instead!”

Ryan punched the coffee table, cracking the ceramic cups on it. “If she’s so willing to serve that bastard, I’ll kick her over to him, letting her suck up to him as she wishes!”

Bella pursed her lips, at a loss for how to comfort Ryan.

After all, it was indeed unfortunate for the family to have such a despicable and shameless sister.

“Forgive me for being blunt. Just by looking at Yvonne’s appearance, I can tell that Christopher has good taste in women.” Drew crossed his arms and leaned against the sofa casually. “With your sister’s looks, Christopher wouldn’t even let her carry his shoes, even if she went to serve him. She’d probably have no chance to suck him up.”

Ryan, Justin, and Bella were speechless.

Why did it sound like Drew was making dirty jokes?

“The woman named Yvonne might be a sharp tool Christopher keeps by his side. After all, beauty can be a deadly weapon.”

Looking at the woman in the photo with an extremely similar face, Bella’s gaze darkened. “This woman must have been with Christopher for some time. Her face was probably meticulously crafted by him. Their relationship is definitely not ordinary. She must know many of his secrets.”

Ryan’s mouth hung open in shock, his horizon expanding. “Fuck… Christopher can’t have Bella, so he keeps a woman who looks like her by his side to satisfy his filthy desires? Then isn’t Yvonne Bella’s…”


Justin was stunned, burning with anger.

He thought of how Christopher kept that woman, treating her as Bella’s substitute, and in a place where they could not see, he might even use her as his sexual fantasy. Those yearnings and desires he could not fulfill from Bella would be vented on that substitute.

“Ugh…” Bella gagged. “He’s too disgusting. But even if she was a substitute, he still does not deserve it!”

Drew continued, “I followed them and watched them enter a secluded private club. The entrance has a password system, and it’s strictly for members. I couldn’t follow them in to avoid arousing suspicion.” “A private club?”

Justin was not one to frequent clubs, and Bella was not from Savrow, making her even less likely to know.

Therefore, the couple turned to look at Ryan.

“Are you referring to Pivotage?” Ryan asked tentatively.

“Bingo! We still have to rely on Mr. Ryan, the professional playboy!” Drew snapped his fingers mockingly.

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