The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 127

The Divorced Heiress Revenge

The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 127-Bella thought, ‘What the hell! Is Ryan okay?!’ Bella screamed in her heart and laughed dryly. “Mr. Hoffman, you have a lot of jokes today…” “I’m not kidding, Anna. I’m serious!” Ryan was agitated and wanted to hold Bella’s shoulder, but Bella quickly stepped back and dodged him.

“Mr. Hoffman, if I remember correctly, I have already told you my stance during the day. Do you want me to say something particularly unpleasant and hurtful in order for you to understand?” “I know. You rejected me.” Ryan looked at her deeply and smiled bitterly. “I also know that you’re with Asher now, but I want to tell you that I will always be standing right behind you. As long as you look back, I don’t mind being your rebound guy or sidepiece.” Bella thought, ‘Sidepiece?! Does he think I’m like Wyatt?!’ Ryan’s eyes were alluring, especially when they were filled with such sadness and sincerity. They could hook one’s soul. No wonder he was so popular with the ladies.

Unfortunately, Bella was completely immune to Ryan’s charms.

In comparison, Bella preferred Justin’s beautiful eyes, which were more ruthless than affectionate.

“By the way, Anna, who is the man who attacked Justin? Are you close to him?” Ryan asked nervously.

“Young Madam!” Just when Bella was at a loss about how to answer that question, Ian walked toward them in a hospital gown.

“Why did you get out of bed?” Bella hurriedly brushed past Ryan and stepped forward to support Ian. “Although you weren’t seriously injured, you still had a slight concussion when you fell and hit your head on the ground. You should rest more. Don’t move around.” “Young Madam, were you the one who rescued Mr. Salvador?” Ian asked excitedly.

“I… I didn’t do anything.” Bella’s voice was dull. She felt guilty about what happened.

“I knew you still have feelings for Mr. Salvador!” “Mr. Harris, has Mr. Salvador completed his treatment?” Bella ignored Ian and changed the subject.

Ian nodded. His eyes were hopeful as he said, “Young Madam, can you please stay? At least… you can just take a look at Mr. Salvador.” Bella took a deep breath and walked toward Justin’s ward with sluggish steps.

After all, her brother beat Justin. Everything happened because of her, so she could not let it be.

In the ward, Justin was leaning on the bedside and looking out the window. Even though his face was bruised, he still looked very handsome. His stern and proud face looked a little lonely at the moment. He even looked a little fragile.

It was this face that Bella had loved for 13 years.

To this day, her heart was still moved when she saw him, but the feeling was no longer the same.

“Mr. Salvador.” “I will find out who did this tonight and pursue responsibility to the end. Before I get angry, you’d better disappear from my sight!” Justin’s voice was cold, and his face was glum.

Bella had always been stubborn and rebellious. She liked to go against orders.

She walked to the bed and stared at the man’s gloomy face fearlessly. “Mr. Salvador, I am here to solemnly apologize to you for what happened tonight. If you’re mad, you can come at me and hold me accountable. After all, he only hurt you because of me, so I won’t shirk this responsibility. If you want to settle it privately, I am willing to take responsibility for this matter. I don’t think you want to make this public knowledge and deal with your ex-wife in court, right? You’re a respectable person, and you’re about to marry Ms. Gold. Getting entangled in a lawsuit with your ex-wife will probably attract a lot of speculation. It’ll just make you look bad. Also, if this matter gets big, Grandpa will catch wind of it, and we won’t be able to explain it. Don’t you think so?” Every sentence shook Justin’s heart.

He thought, ‘Anna is siding with that murderer! She’s defending him and taking on all the blame for him. How could she protect him like that?! She even protected a murderer, but what about me? Who am I to her? What a joke!’ “Anna… Who is he and what is his relationship with you? You were willing to die for him.” Justin’s eyes were red, and his heart was aching.

“That wasn’t a real gun, and I’m not dead. I’m fine.” Bella’s eyes were calm.

“Is there a difference? It makes no difference the moment you took the bullet for him!” Justin tried to get off the bed, but his whole body was in pain, and he had no strength. He pounded his fists on the bed angrily. “You’ve been married to me for three years, and you keep saying you love me … But look at what you did! None of the things you did lately show that you love me. Do you take me as a fool?!”

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