The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 1261

The Divorced Heiress Revenge

The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 1261-Bella had gone missing.

“Fuck! We have a big problem on our hands. How did she disappear out of thin air?” Axel put his hands over his head, his heart in his throat.

Noticing the rummaging mess on the bed and the closet, Asher and Declan ran to the balcony.

The brothers gasped sharply.

At least a dozen dresses were tied together to form a rope, then secured to the railing for a descent.

“Ash, Bella has gone mad. This is the fifth floor!”

“Bella is insane! She’s digging her own grave.”

Fear washed over Asher. His heart raced, and veins popped out of his head.

“She would’ve fallen to her death if any of the fabric was torn.

“Don’t say that, Ash. I can’t take it.” Axel put his hand over his chest as his vision grew fuzzy.

Scared stiff, Quentin did not know what to do. “Ms. Bella… Please be safe, or I’ll never be able to forgive myself.”

“Does Dad know about this?’ Asher asked desperately.

“Chairman Thompson is worried about Ms. Amelia. I didn’t want to add to his troubles.”

“Keep it from him. Dad is doing poorly. We can’t put any strain on him.”

Asher clutched his aching chest. “Don’t startle anyone at home. We’ll initiate a search party right away.”

“There’s a bad storm now. Ms. Bella doesn’t have her phone or anything on her.

How is she going to survive out there?” Quentin stamped his foot anxiously. “It’s all my fault. I should’ve kept watch over her the whole time.”

“I don’t think she has gotten far. We can still catch up to her.”

Asher looked out the window. “Is Justin still out there?”

“Mr. Salvador has been gone for a while,” Quentin replied.

Axel cussed, “Fuck! Jerkface couldn’t have left at a worse time. Bella must have gone after him. They will miss each other.” Declan’s heart skipped a beat.

He was filled with regret.

If only he had not been so rude to Bella. Things were spiraling toward Asher’s worst nightmare.

“If Bella is following Justin, she will be heading toward Savrow. We’ll eventually get to her along the way.”

Asher ran out and instructed Axel solemnly, “Call Drew. Tell him to come back to search for Bella together.” Axel nodded. “That’s right. Drew always has a way.”

A bolt of blue and purple lightning streaked across the sky as rain poured.

Bella was drenched from head to toe. She shivered. Her teeth clattered when the rush of biting wind blew against her skin.

Her phone was confiscated, and she had no money. Bella even lost her slippers while fleeing. Her bare feet, now bleeding and covered in mud, were vulnerable to the sharp pebbles beneath them. She had never felt so exposed and disheveled.

However, the solitary journey, laced with struggles and obstacles, could not stop her from breaking free from her cage and running toward love.

All she wanted to do was love someone.

Yet, it was challenging to this day.

Bella believed her family would quickly realize she was gone. Her brothers would not leave any stone unturned to find her.

Instead of taking the wide and bustling routes, Bella opted for the longer, winding, and less trodden course to Savrow.

She found herself in a dark, desolate area with no stores along the way.

Bella walked in the cold rain for a long time. Her head felt heavy, and she experienced bouts of shivers and fever. She was drained.

Suddenly, her eyes lit up when she saw two shimmers of light in the distance.

Overjoyed, she pulled herself together and sprinted to the light source.

Upon closer inspection, she realized it was an auto repair shop that had not closed for business.

With the cold getting to her, Bella entered the shop without hesitation.

Inside, four men played poker while joking and laughing.

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