The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 1247

The Divorced Heiress Revenge

The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 1247-Perhaps the reason for the lack of security tonight was a conspiracy by him and Zoe to grab love for themselves and take advantage of it!”

Axel was straightforward. He wasn’t as patient as his elder brother and was ready to expose Christopher’s hypocritical facade.

Wyatt and Celeste were both stunned, finding it hard to believe.

“Mr. Axel, I know that the both of you aren’t fond of me, and you’re well aware of how much I love Bella. But that doesn’t give you the right to freely attack my character however you want.”

Christopher adjusted his glasses gently. “I have no connection with Zoe except for that one incident at the horse racing event. I intervened to help Bella when

Zoe caused trouble for her. That’s all there is to it. You’re Bella’s brother, so I won’t delve deeper into this matter. But I hope there won’t be a next time.”


If his father and Celeste weren’t present, Axel would have exploded. Christopher was an expert at accusing others and shifting responsibilities onto others. It was time to knock some sense into this guy. “Axel, don’t spout nonsense without evidence.” Wyatt reminded him with an intense expression.

Axel was burning with impatience and was about to step forward when Asher grabbed his arm just in time.

“Mr. Iverson, there’s no way you can marry Bella. As for your second brother, Charles, his wish to marry Amelia is out of the question!”

Asher’s declaration left both Wyatt and Celeste stunned.

Christopher suddenly looked concerned, his mind filled with doubts.

“Chairman Thompson! Chairman Iverson is here to see you!” The housekeeper burst into the room, panting.

“Lance is here? At this hour?” Wyatt said, surprised, as he glanced at his watch.

This time, the visit to the Thompson family was different. He wasn’t alone, as he had brought along his eldest son, James, who made quite an impression.

“Asher! What’s gotten into you?! How could you treat Charles like that?! This is too much!”

Lance stormed angrily into the living room, his cheeks twitching with rage. “By doing this, it’s like stabbing my heart with a knife!”

Asher had a cold and serious look, with intense glares in his eyes.

He was mentally prepared for conflict with the Iverson family. After all, it was him who had Charles taken to the police station after getting involved in Bella and Steven’s matters. “Asher, what’s going on? What did you do to Charles?” Wyatt asked, utterly bewildered.

With Lance’s outburst, Mila and Sasha also came over.

“Chairman Thompson, Mr. Asher took my younger brother to the police station and accused him of rape!” James said as he gritted his teeth in frustration. “I don’t know if this was his own doing or your daughter’s cunning plan! Are they trying to take advantage of my brother’s vulnerability after his injury, thinking he can’t fight back?!”


Everyone, except Asher, was shocked!

‘What an idiot.’ Christopher’s expression turned dark as he adjusted his glasses, quickly grasping the situation.

It turned out that Asher and his family had revealed Charles and Astrid’s conspiracy. Not only did Charles fail to win Amelia’s heart, but he also ended up falling into his own trap.

If he had known they couldn’t handle such a simple matter, he would have stepped in sooner.

Lance was almost out of breath from anger, and James hurriedly helped his father while giving Asher a fierce glare. “If you didn’t want the marriage, you could have just said so! Resorting to such a despicable scheme against Charles, is this what you consider honorable behavior?!”

Before Asher could reply, Sasha erupted in anger. “Who do you think you’re calling despicable?!”

Wyatt was shocked! Sasha really lived up to her reputation as the daughter of the Jenkins family. She had quite the temper.

“Your father and Wyatt have been friends for thirty years. Don’t you understand our family’s values and behavior at all? If you distrust us so much, why were you so eager to pursue this marriage in the first place?!” Sasha’s anger grew as she stood with her hand on her hip, projecting dominance.

“Do you believe that nobody wants the women from our Thompson family? Are they only meant to fill the gaps in your Iverson family? Since you doubt our integrity, perhaps it would be best to forget about this marriage altogether! What Mr. James had just said was so absurd.”

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