The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 1236

The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 1236-So, what exactly happened two months after Justin and Bella became intimate?

“Mr. Salvador!”

lan ran over, panting heavily in the pouring rain, looking worried. “Old Master Nigel couldn’t reach you, so he asked Mr. Upton to contact me. He knows about what happened at the banquet. Please head to Crescent Bay to see him immediately!”


At the banquet hosted by the Reeds, Zoe publicly revealed Bella’s infertility, causing a significant uproar that evening.

Due to the elevated level of security, no media was present at the event.

Moreover, given the influence of the Thompsons and the Hoffmans, even if someone dared to record the event, they would not dare leak it to the press or post it online without permission.

If either family discovered the breach of privacy, serious repercussions would ensue. After all, the guests present were all influential figures, making it extremely easy to investigate.

However, no secret would remain hidden indefinitely. News traveled fast, even behind closed doors.

Nigel, who was seated at home, heard about the news.

He was fully aware of the events at the banquet and was so enraged that he almost suffered a heart attack.

Mr. Upton was so terrified that he immediately called Nigel’s doctor to the residence, ready for medical assistance at any time.

“Anna! My dear Anna!”

Upon learning that Bella was once pregnant with the Salvadors’ heir, Nigel was shocked and devastated, tears streaming down his face uncontrollably. “You foolish child! How could you treat pregnancy, such a significant matter, with such recklessness? Losing the child is one thing, but how are you going to bear the responsibility for her poor health?! Why does my dear Anna have to endure such suffering?”

Matt gently patted Nigel’s vigorously trembling back, feeling as if a fire was tormenting his heart.

The image of Bella bleeding and pleading with him to keep it a secret from years ago remained clear in his mind, and reflecting on it now was still as heartbreaking as ever.

After careful consideration, Matt was about to speak when Gregory interrupted.

“Father, given your already fragile health, you must not let your emotions get the better of you.” “How can I not be emotional?! The child Anna carried was Justin’s, the future of the Salvador family. How can I not feel heartache and guilt over the sudden loss of my great-grandchild?” Nigel lamented deeply, and at that moment, Justin, looking disheartened, entered the room with heavy steps.


“Justin, where’s Anna? Did Wyatt take her back home?” Nigel asked urgently.

Justin nodded heavily, his throat constricted with emotion, rendering him unable to speak.

“How could you be so careless and clueless?!”

Nigel slammed the coffee table in frustration. He almost wished he could go up and slap his incompetent grandson. “Anna is your partner, your companion!

How could you not even know that she was pregnant? Have you lost your mind?”

“Father, please stop blaming it on Justin. It’s all in the past now, and there’s no point in bringing it up anymore.”

Gregory lowered his eyes, his expression dripping with indifference. “Besides, you knew Justin didn’t love Bella back then, yet you insisted on forcing them together. You pressured Justin so much that he didn’t want to come home. How could he possibly care about anything else? Bella didn’t even mention her pregnancy to him, and she kept it a secret when she lost the baby. I’m guessing she didn’t even realize that she was pregnant back then. So, it’s unfair to blame this on our family. She lacked experience and was careless, which led to this unfortunate situation. Both families are equally embarrassed by this.” Justin felt a sharp stab piercing through his heart, igniting flames of anger in his darkened eyes. The muscles beneath his damp suit tensed like steel, and his veins throbbed audibly!

As his pale lips parted to speak, Nigel exploded in fury, seizing a teacup from the table and hurling it at Gregory!


Gregory felt a sharp pain in his forehead, and his vision momentarily blurred as he stumbled backward.

The teacup struck him right on the forehead, instantly swelling into a large bruise with blood mingling with the redness!


“I’ll damn well hit you, you heartless and cruel bastard! You couldn’t care less about the child, and now you want to pin it all on a defenseless woman? Are you even a man?!”

Nigel’s anger knew no bounds. His face turned pale with rage. “Before this, I thought that vile woman, Shannon, was the one misleading you! But now, it seems birds of a feather flock together. You two are really a match made in heaven! There isn’t a single decent thing about either of you!”

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