The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 1235

The Divorced Heiress Revenge

The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 1235-Putting himself in Bella’s shoes, Arnold thought that Bella might still suffer from the torment of self-doubt in the future if she knew she could not conceive again.

Enduring such agony would gradually diminish Bella’s happiness.

Justin and Bella were plagued by many hardships and trapped in an unsolvable dilemma.

However, not wanting to worsen the situation, Arnold could only earnestly persuade him. “Ash, no matter what, Mr. Salvador has saved you and Bella from harm repeatedly. Without his sacrifice, how could you have returned alive? That way, I won’t even be able to see you again! Your actions will only cause more pain to others. That includes Bella, too!”

Asher’s eyes remained bloodshot, but he slowly lowered his clenched fists.

“Justin, you’ve saved my life once, so I’ll spare yours. But from now on, don’t ever show up in front of me again. Don’t show up in front of Bella, either. I can forgive the past hurts you inflicted on her, but I can’t overlook this one.”

With that, Asher gritted his teeth and turned to leave.

Arnold silently observed the pale-faced Justin and reluctantly followed behind.

“Please… Give me another chance! Give me one last opportunity to make amends!”

Justin’s cheeks were streaked with tears, reminiscent of Bella’s pleading when she begged him not to divorce her. He appeared even more pitiful and desperate than she had at that time. “I truly love Bella with all my heart. I beg you to give me one last chance. Just one last chance! Let me atone for my sins.

Let me make things right!”


With a chilling tone and chuckle, Asher brutally dashed the hope he had just raised, smashing it into countless pieces. “Restore my sister’s body to its original state with a healthy uterus, then I won’t stand in your way of being together.”

Justin could not recall how he had walked out of the parking lot.

The intense headache that had plagued him previously returned with a vengeance. His ears buzzed with a cacophony of mocking voices, as if countless demons were jeering at his foolishness.

‘Justin, you deserved all of this. You really deserve it! You deserve to die!’ “Justin!”

Despite Ryan shouting at him countless times from behind, Justin remained deaf to it all, standing in the rain like a zombie.

Suddenly, the headache intensified, making him stagger.

The relentless downpour made it seem like the world was blurring together, as if time and space were in disarray.

If it were not for Ryan rushing to Justin’s side in time and supporting him, he might have fallen heavily into the puddle right in front of him.

“Justin! Hang in there!”

Ryan held his trembling body tightly, his eyes filled with urgency. “You can’t give up on Bella. Don’t even think about giving up on yourself. Can’t you see? Bella still loves you deeply, and since you love her just as much, you need to gather yourself together and confront all the challenges!”

“Her health… I’ve ruined it… Ryan, what should I do?”

Justin’s handsome face turned pale with distress. “What can I do? How can I restore what she lost?”

“There has to be a way! With today’s advanced medical technology, as long as you have enough money, there’s hardly any incurable illness. With sufficient money, even in the case of a terminal condition, one can prolong their lifespan significantly. Let’s think of a solution together. Bella’s health will surely improve!

But if you give up on her, then you’re truly harming her. In that case, your relationship with Bella will be over!” Ryan cried out in the rain.

Justin clutched his head with both hands, gasping in pain. “Back then… I told Bella that I liked children. I even told her that I wanted to have children with her.

If I had known… If I had known this had happened, why would I even mention having children? Why did I bring up having children? What difference does it make to live a lifetime without children? How can I be so selfish?!”

Ryan also felt uneasy, shaking his head in frustration.

Despite facing immense pressure, Bella bravely chose to let go of her emotional burdens and love Justin again.

Yet, even so, her heart must still ache silently whenever Justin mentions having children.

“Justin, I think the right thing to do now is to figure out what happened to Bella’s lost child. Only then can we come up with a plan and address the issue properly.” Justin forcefully tugged at his hair, desperately trying to remember something.

According to the medical report, Bella was already pregnant for two months at the time of the miscarriage.

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