The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 1221

The Divorced Heiress Revenge

The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 1221-Wilson was surprised. He blinked and said, “Oh! That’s something to celebrate!

Congratulations, Chairman Salvador and Justin.” “Are you joking, Chairman Salvador?”

Justin clenched his fists, his knuckles turning white. Overwhelming anger and panic crashed down on him. His eyes were bloodshot, and he looked like a beast desperately trying to break free from its iron cage.

“Everyone knows that I love Bella. You want a marriage alliance with the Hoffman family, huh? I don’t know what shady deal you’ve made with them, but even if you threaten me with your own life, I won’t marry Zoe!”

The crowd’s jaws were about to drop.

Even the Reeds, who had experienced many dramatic fallouts, were stunned by Justin’s audacious words.

Wilson Jr. initially looked down on Justin, but seeing how bold Justin was to embarrass his own father in front of so many prominent families, Wilson Jr.

started admiring Justin.

He exclaimed, “He’s so cool.”

“Oh my God! What did Mr. Salvador say? Did I mishear?! This is insane!”

“The war between this father and son is about to begin!”

“If I were Chairman Salvador, my blood pressure would rise, and I’d faint! Don’t Justin’s words mean that he did not care whether Chairman Salvador would die, but no one could stop him from being together with Bella? So his father’s life is nothing compared to Ms. Bella?”

Bella’s tearful eyes stared deeply at Justin, as if there was no other man in this world who could make her heart surge with emotion.

The surrounding guests cast side-eyes at the Hoffman family.

“What’s going on? It feels like Justin is unaware of this marriage. Did Chairman Salvador sell him off?”

“Yeah, it’s not good to tear the couple apart!”

“I think the Hoffman family is worse. They knew Justin loved Bella but still tried to force Zoe to be with Justin, making it awkward for both families. I wouldn’t be able to stand it if I were Zoe. Who are they trying to disgust?”

“Zoe could even slap herself. Does she have any shame left? She’s probably overwhelmed with joy now!”

Listening to these sarcastic remarks, Zoe’s face flushed purple with resentment.

Logan was equally embarrassed, his expression darkening.

In fact, he knew there was a certain risk in this marriage alliance. Even if Gregory agreed, Justin’s rebellious nature would never surrender.

However, he thought that if they announced it at such an important event where everyone was watching, Justin would have to endure until the banquet ended for his family’s image.

At that time, the news of his engagement would have spread, and Justin’s reputation would have plummeted if he resisted. They could bribe the media to draw up articles about Justin being a womanizer. To protect Justin’s image, even Nigel would have to compromise!

However, they still underestimated Justin’s love for Bella.

Justin was truly stubborn and willing to man up.

“Marriage is not child’s play. It’s not something that you can decide on a whim!”

Gregory suddenly stepped forward. He was half a head shorter than his son, only able to look him in the eyes when he raised his chin, making him appear shorter in stature. “This is not up to you!” Gregory tried his best to lower his voice angrily, glaring at Justin. “Even if you don’t want to marry Ms. Hoffman, I will never let Bella enter my door!”

“Apart from Bella, I won’t marry anyone else.”

Gregory’s words were only audible to the two of them. However, everyone present could hear Justin clearly.

A teardrop welled up in the corner of Bella’s reddened eyes. She could not hold back anymore and wanted to walk toward Justin.

Suddenly, Wyatt grabbed her thin wrist, pulling her back to his side.

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