The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 1219

The Divorced Heiress Revenge

The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 1219-KS Group… The Thompson family?!

The crowd was stunned. After a brief shock, thunderous applause filled the banquet hall.

The dazzling spotlight shone on Wyatt. He was stunned for a while, then his handsome brows relaxed, and he walked forward with a graceful and confident smile to have a friendly handshake with Wilson. “It is KS Group’s honor to have the opportunity to work with Journey Ventures.”

Since they had become business partners, Wilson’s attitude towards Wyatt became much more amicable, showering him with praises. “You won the race at the horse racing event and showed us your overwhelming strength. Moreover,

I’ve said that the champion will be our priority in selecting a business partner. I’m a man of my word.”

Apart from the Reeds, nobody else knew that an hour ago, they had a call with Grant, who was far away in Meridan.

“We are friends, so if you are willing to take my advice, I’d still suggest you choose KS Group to work with.”

Wilson Jr. was still pissed off due to Bella’s rejection, and Wilson frowned.

“Why? If we choose to continue working with your family, wouldn’t it be more beneficial to you and your father?”

Grant chuckled mysteriously. “You’d benefit from working with KS Group, and of course, I also have something to gain. If I had to say a reason, it’s because I admire Ms. Bella and didn’t want her to end up with nothing after giving so much effort.”

Although Bella kept her composure, her eyes sparkled with joyous light. She genuinely felt happy for Wyatt.

Suddenly, she felt warmth enveloping her hand by her side.

“Bella, congratulations to you and Uncle Wyatt.” Justin naturally held her hand, intertwining their fingers, lightly rubbing her knuckles with his fingertips. “I knew you would succeed.” Bella felt as if a surge of electricity spread throughout her nerves. Their entwined fingers made her heart thump, and her ears blushed red.

While Wyatt won a huge project, Gregory and Logan’s faces were dark and gloomy.

Logan, especially, felt as if he was fooled and coughed violently. Zoe quickly patted his back.

Lance was good friends with Wyatt. The Iverson family would still benefit from the Thompsons getting picked.

The Salvador Corporation had already collaborated with Journey Ventures before, laying the groundwork.

What about him? What did he obtain?

He was merely a joke, competing alongside them.

Seeing the Thompson family basking in glory, Gregory twitched his lips in anger.

He felt humiliated, like he was being played.

He took a deep breath, smiled as if he did not care, and walked to Wyatt and Wilson.

“Chairman Thompson, Mr. Reed, congratulations.”

“I hope you share the joy, Chairman Salvador.” Wyatt smiled.

“Chairman Thompson, you hit the nail on the head. Indeed, we should all be congratulated tonight.”

Gregory raised his brows. “Because tonight, I’d like to take this opportunity where everyone is gathered here to announce some good news.

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