The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 112

The Divorced Heiress Revenge

The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 112-“No! I don’t want to apologize! I will never apologize, no matter what you say!” Bethany started crying and acting up again.

“Ian, come in.” Justin raised his voice. Ian, who was waiting outside, hurriedly knocked on the door and walked into the study, bowing respectfully.

“Take out the documents and show them to the chairman.” “Yes, Mr. Salvador.” Ian’s eyes flickered, but he still handed the prepared documents to Gregory.

“What is this?” “This is this year’s and last year’s financial report for EV Boutique, which is jointly managed by Aunt Shannon and Bethany.” Justin’s handsome face was calm, and his voice was flat.

Shannon and Bethany were tense, and their faces became stiff.

“It has been three years since the establishment of the boutique, but it has lost nearly $10 million every year in the past three years. The annual operating expenses are drawn from the public funds of Salvador Corporation. Since the establishment of the boutique, it has been agreed that Aunt Shannon will be responsible for its profits and losses. Since Salvador Corporation does not gain any profit from them, there’s no reason that we should help them fill this hole.” After saying that, Justin lowered his long eyelashes. “If Bethany doesn’t come forward to apologize, then I will exercise my authority as president of Salvador Corporation and close this loss-making boutique.” ‘What?! Close the store?!’ Bethany was so frightened that she was frozen in place. Shannon’s eyes turned red with hatred.

However, the viciousness in Shannon’s eyes was fleeting. She hugged Gregory’s arm and cried. “Greg, the boutique was your birthday gift to me three years ago! How can you let him close it?!” Gregory’s jaw was taut. Looking at the solid evidence in front of him, he could not refute his son, even though he was the chairman of Salvador Corporation.

“I can turn a blind eye to this matter for your sake, but Bethany must publicly apologize, and Aunt Shannon must compensate for the public funds that the boutique has embezzled from Salvador Corporation in the past three years. Otherwise, I will announce this at the board meeting the day after tomorrow. When that happens, it’ll be too late to do anything.” Justin looked determined to oust them.

Shannon glanced at her stepson with hatred.

She did not want the boutique to close because she had big plans for it.

“Bethany, hold a press conference tomorrow night and do as your second brother says.” Gregory frowned.

Bethany’s shoulders slumped, and her whole body was frozen. She no longer had the strength to argue.

Shannon looked at Gregory’s increasingly gloomy expression, knowing that she had completely lost this battle. Thus, she could only rethink her plans. She glared at Justin with hateful eyes, wishing to cut him to pieces.

As soon as Justin and Ian left the study, Gregory started trashing the place, and Shannon and Bethany were crying inside.

Ian scratched his head in confusion and asked tentatively, “Mr. Salvador, didn’t you decide to fight the young madam to the end? Why did you suddenly change your mind?” “Don’t worry about my affairs.” Justin suddenly thought about Anna’s watery eyes and her sweet fragrance, which was so close to him earlier.

His cold eyes were slightly dazed.

He tried to convince himself that he changed his mind at the last minute because he watched the surveillance footage and heard Bethany’s shameless words. But was that really the reason?

Why did Justin react so strongly when Shannon and Bethany accused Anna and when Gregory forced him to finalize the divorce? Was there no hint of selfishness in his act?

“Mr. Salvador, it’s a bit of a loss to release the evidence we finally collected just to make Ms. Bethany apologize, don’t you think?” Ian frowned and felt a little upset.

“It doesn’t matter. Even if I leak this out, the chairman will still find ways to cover it up for Shannon. That’s because he’s blinded by his love for her.” Justin mocked his father and swept away Anna’s pretty features from his mind. He looked into the distance and said, “I just chose a result that both Anna and I can live with. After all, I wrongly accused her of what happened with Rose at the auction last time.” The man sighed quietly as he suppressed the sorrow in his heart. “This time, I will pay her back. I don’t want to owe her anything.”

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