The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 110

The Divorced Heiress Revenge

The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 110-Justin raised his eyebrows. His noble and ascetic face was as cold as ice.

What he felt earlier was nothing in comparison to the rage he felt at that moment.

Justin had just returned home and changed his clothes when Gregory called him to the study.

“Sob… Daddy! You must stand up for me! I feel so wronged and miserable!” Bethany cried until her tears soaked Gregory’s shirt. Her face was covered in tears and scratch marks from the fight she had with her friends in the afternoon. The corners of her lips were also cracked, so she looked miserable.

Gregory was sitting on the sofa. Bethany had always presented herself as a well-bred lady, so when she looked so wretched, Gregory hurriedly reached out and stroked her hair to comfort her.

“Your brother is back. I’ll ask him what’s going on when he comes in.” “This matter is getting bigger now. I’ve already received several calls today asking me about Bethany, and I don’t know how to answer them.” Shannon loved her daughter, so her eyes turned red with worry. “Bethany is being criticized online. How can she possibly show herself in public in the future? What would other wealthy families in Savrow think of us?” “Shannon, don’t worry. I won’t let our daughter suffer this grievance.” Gregory frowned and looked angry.

At this time, the door opened. Justin walked in expressionlessly.

“Justin, why didn’t you deal with the video in time? It’s going viral for all the wrong reasons! Don’t you think that you’re lacking as the president of Salvador Corporation?” Gregory hugged Bethany and scolded Justin.

“Salvador Corporation has a public relations department and a legal department. Each department has its own director.” Justin’s eyes were calm, and his tone was low. “I am the president of Salvador Corporation, but I’m not a nanny. Some things aren’t under my jurisdiction, so I don’t have to intervene.” “Justin, do you think that this isn’t something you have to worry about? Bethany is your biological sister! Are you just going to watch as someone bullies your sister and ruins her reputation?” Shannon’s face was covered in tears, and she clutched her chest as if she would faint at any moment.

“Shannon, you’re weak, so don’t get too agitated.” Gregory hurriedly stood up and put his arms around Shannon’s shoulders. His gaze was tender.

It had been 20 years, but Justin still felt suffocated every time he saw Gregory and Shannon showing off their affection for each other.

Gregory had never once mentioned Justin’s mother in the past 20 years or visited her grave.

That poor woman loved him so deeply, but it was as if she had never appeared in Gregory’s life. Gregory’s indifference was more cruel than hating her.

“I’m fine, Greg.” Shannon leaned into Gregory’s embrace and coughed twice for good measure. “I was too agitated earlier and didn’t control my emotions. Justin is the president of Salvador Corporation, so he must be busy dealing with all kinds of problems every day. I shouldn’t have bothered him about this. I was just afraid that Justin still has doubts about me. After all, I’m not his birth mother… If that’s why he 1 doesn’t want to help Bethany, I don’t blame him. I can understand where he’s coming from.” Justin looked at this pretentious woman indifferently. He was tired of watching her act for 20 years.

He just wondered why Gregory was not tired of Shannon’s act.

“Shannon, don’t think too much. Whether that brat admits it or not, you are my wife, so by extension, you are his mother!” Shannon successfully provoked Gregory, who became more infuriated. He pointed at Justin’s indifferent face and said, “You’d better come up with a solution for me right away! I want all those videos and posts about Bethany to disappear by tomorrow morning. Otherwise, you’ll answer to me!” “I’d thought of the solution a long time ago and told Bethany.” Justin lowered his cold eyes.

“Dad! Justin didn’t think of a plan for me. He was just pushing me into a fire pit!” Bethany immediately became anxious when she heard her name. She stretched her neck and said, He actually wants me to apologize to that stupid housekeeper! I’m someone of status, and she’s a nobody. Why should I apologize to her?! Also, Anna came to the boutique to cause trouble today and slapped me in front of so many people. Sob, sob… I’m too embarrassed to face anyone!” Shannon and Gregory were shocked when they heard this. “What? Anna slapped you?!” “Look at the slap marks on my face. I’m telling the truth!” Bethany cried and pointed to her still- swollen face.

“How dare she! Justin, what kind of woman did you marry?” Shannon was furious when she heard that her daughter was bullied. She finally showed some viciousness as she said, “We must sue her for hitting Bethany! We can’t just let it go!” “Bethany wanted to hit Anna first. Anna was just acting in self-defense,” Justin said righteously.

“You mean, that girl really hit Bethany?” Gregory asked with gloomy eyes.

Justin acquiesced.

“Contact her immediately and ask her to apologize to Bethany! Also, why haven’t you finalized the divorce with her yet? Take some time tomorrow to go to City Hall with her to get your divorce certificate. From now on, I won’t allow you to have anything to do with that woman!” shouted.

Justin frowned slightly.

Gregory Their divorce was imminent, but after hearing this, Justin felt inexplicably uncomfortable and replied without thinking, “No.”

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