The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 107

The Divorced Heiress Revenge

The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 107-Bella shouted, “Asshole! Give it back to me!” Bella’s face was red as her body clung to Justin’s. Her left hand was resting on his broad shoulder to maintain her balance.

She was trying to climb on him like a little monkey, but Justin held onto her tightly.

Bella’s heart trembled when Justin’s grip around her waist tightened with a hint of possessiveness.

Through the thin and smooth fabric, Bella could feel the heat from Justin’s body on her palm.

However, Justin stared at Bella’s phone with focus. His handsome face was as expressionless as an old monk in a trance.

Everyone was shocked to see Bella cursing at Justin. More importantly, Justin did not even get mad at her.

Steven was so anxious that he started sweating. He wanted to pull Bella back, but he could not reach her.

Bethany was also dumbfounded to see the two of them like this. They were not even so close when they were married. Why were they so intimate after getting divorced?

Bethany’s two plastic friends were so jealous of Bella for snuggling up to Justin that they almost chewed off their perfectly manicured nails.

Justin frowned slightly and quickly deleted all of Bethany’s indecent photos.

“Anna, why did you become so despicable after our divorce?” After he said this, he put her phone back into her pants pocket and released her waist.

“Hah! You’re a lot more despicable than I am!” Bella hurriedly took two steps back, dusted herself off, and looked disgusted.

“I got those photos based on my own merit, unlike you, Mr. Salvador. You couldn’t defeat me, so you just reached out and stole it from me. You’re an uncultured swine!” The store attendants snickered and thought, ‘Then he’s certainly the most handsome pig in history!’ Justin’s face darkened, and his thin lips were pursed.

He was mad at Anna for calling him an uncultured swine in front of so many people, but what irked him more was the ruthless look in her eyes. She was getting estranged from him.

How much did she hate him to look at him with such disgust?

After they signed the divorce papers, she had been causing trouble for him. He thought that he was kind enough to hold back until now, but she even humiliated him.

Justin felt a surge of anger and grievance. He took a step forward, stared at her condescendingly, and looked her straight in the eyes.

“Anna, you’re only so arrogant to me because you’re my ex-wife, wife? Do you think that you can repeatedly challenge my bottom line just because we have been married before? Has a contractual marriage emboldened you to do whatever you want with me? Rose doesn’t even dare to treat me like this. How dare you?!” His voice was deep and low, so no one except Bella could hear what he was saying.

Despite this, Bella’s eyes turned red in anger.

Justin had never looked her in the eyes for the past three years and had crushed her arrogant self- esteem time and time again with his neglect. Even so, she had never regretted loving Justin or becoming his wife.

But at this moment, Bella started to regret her past.

Bella laughed angrily and forced herself to sweep away the hint of vulnerability in her eyes. “Rosalind doesn’t dare because she cares about you, and I dare because you no longer mean anything to me.” Justin’s brows twitched in surprise. The next second, Bella gritted her white teeth and grabbed Justin’s expensive blue tie, pulling him forward.

“Do you want me to be grateful for that marriage? Sorry, but I’m not.” Their eyes met, and only one last inch of precarious distance remained between them.

Justin felt his tie tighten. His heart shrank because of the way she looked at him with such hatred.

“To put it bluntly, I can’t bear to look back on how I got through those three years. Do you think marrying you is such an honor? Do you think that being your ex-wife is something that I can show off to others?”

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