The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 105

The Divorced Heiress Revenge

The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 105-“Did you hear that? This woman actually wants me to apologize to that housekeeper. Hahahaha… Did you get hit in the head?” Bethany covered her stomach and laughed out loud. Her two plastic friends behind her also trembled with laughter.

“Beth went to your hotel to spend money, but your hotel staff broke her necklace and provided such poor service. Why can’t Beth reprimand your staff to vent her anger?” “That’s right! You still have the nerve to come over and ask Beth to apologize… Do you think that you own the hotel? Why are you so hung up over it?” Steven narrowed his eyes and thought, ‘If these two bimbos knew that all of the KS World Hotels in the country belonged to the woman in front of them, they would probably be so frightened that they would cut off their tongues.’ “Aren’t you afraid that this incident will affect the image of Salvador Corporation that your brother worked so hard to maintain? Aren’t you afraid of disgracing the Salvador family?” Bella glanced at Bethany.

“Hmph! Don’t try to scare me. I’m not the president of Salvador Corporation, so I don’t care!” Bethany rolled her eyes disapprovingly. “Besides, it’s Justin’s duty as president to worry about the company and bear all risks, including handling such matters. Otherwise, what’s the use of him sitting in such a high position? Since my father asked him to be president, he would have to show everyone some achievements, right?” The store attendants around were stunned to hear this.

Bella could not help but sneer.

On the surface, the Salvador family looked harmonious. In fact, they used each other secretly and had their own agendas.

Bethany looked down on Justin. To her and Shannon, Justin was an “illegitimate son” who would clean up their mess. Shannon and Bethany seemed useless and cowardly, but they were despicable.

When Bella married Justin, she had already seen through the Salvador family’s true colors. If she had not been deeply in love with Justin, she would not have been able to stay with them for so long.

“Ms. Salvador, even if you don’t consider Salvador Corporation’s image, you should consider your own reputation, right?” “Stop trying to scare me! Anna, don’t think that I’m afraid of you because you have Mr. Thompson as your backer. The Salvador family isn’t weak either!” Bethany put her hands on her hips and yelled. “Where’s the security guard? Kick this bumpkin out of my store! This woman lowered my boutique’s standards!” The two security guards rushed over and wanted to drag Bella out.

Bella still remained seated and motionless. Steven’s eyebrows twitched when he saw the security guards approaching Bella, so he kicked them down effortlessly.

After all, Steven had a black belt in Taekwondo, so he was more than qualified to deal with these two security guards.

Bethany screamed in fright, but the store attendants around her blushed with excitement.

They all thought that Steven was handsome and even wanted to find an opportunity to get his number.

“Ms. Salvador, since you’re so clueless, I have no choice but to show you something else.” With that said, Bella took out her phone and beckoned to Bethany. “Here, let me show you something interesting.” Bethany did not want others to think that she was timid, so she went over to the woman whose smile made her heart tremble.

She came close to the phone screen and was shocked, angry, and ashamed when she noticed what was on it.

Bella calmly showed Bethany a few photos.

Bethany thought, ‘What happened?! I’ve asked those two people to delete the photos. How could this be…?’ Bella stopped showing the photos to Bethany and put away her phone with a calm expression. “My request is very simple. Make a public apology to my employee, and I will delete all these photos. If you insist on being stubborn, you probably know what I’ll do next.” Bethany was so angry that her lips were trembling. She panicked.

Shannon had raised Bethany to be a proper elite lady so that she could marry into a wealthy family like the Hoffman family. If these photos got leaked, her reputation would be ruined. Ryan would not like Bethany anymore.

Thinking of this, Bethany was infuriated. She quickly reached over to grab Bella’s phone.

Bella raised her eyebrows and dodged easily.

Bethany fell on the sofa in embarrassment. Her eyes turned red with anger, and she raised her hand to slap Bella.


The crisp slap made everyone gasp in shock.

Bella’s stunning features were as cold as ice, and her wrist strength was terrifying. Bella struck Bethany with a backhand slap.

“Ah!” Five red fingerprint marks suddenly appeared on Bethany’s oval face.

All this happened in the blink of an eye.

It was so fast that no one knew how it happened.

Steven secretly cheered and thought, ‘That’s what you get for trying to hit Bella!’ Bethany’s two friends, who had previously said they would support Bethany, were so frightened that their faces turned pale. They even hid in the back for fear of getting implicated.

“You! How dare you hit me?!” Bethany stared at Bella’s face in shock while her cheek was numb with pain.

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