The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 1006

The Divorced Heiress Revenge

The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 1006-“How am I supposed to explain this to Bella?” Danger loomed closer, and the two men were at a stalemate.

“Brother,” Justin suddenly called out to Asher.

Asher’s heart shook fiercely. The way Justin called him elicited a subtle reaction within his heart, a feeling that was a mixture of pain and bitterness.

Justin said sincerely as he locked gazes with Asher, “No matter what, you must return to Bella’s side safely. Bella has told me that the most important thing in her life is her family.” “And what about you, Justin? Aren’t you important to Bella?” Asher’s eyes turned red as he grabbed Justin’s arm tightly. “Bella spent thirteen years to finally be by your side. How many more years do you want her to spend accepting the pain you caused? Are you still a human being?” Justin smiled bitterly, determination shining in his dark eyes. “I believe I had already died once in Bella’s heart when we were divorced. Even if I die again, she will gradually get over it.” Before Asher could respond, Justin rushed out like an arrow released from its bow.

“Justin!” Asher couldn’t stop him. He could only watch as Justin dashed into the darkness of the deep woods while those hostile enemies rushed toward him like sharks smelling blood in the water.

Justin acted as human bait, trying to pull the danger away from Asher and others as much as possible. He intended to lure them in another direction.

He was almost certain that the reason these people arrived so quickly and encircled them was related to Christopher, who was giving orders from Savrow.

If that was the case, then their target was him. As long as they were separated, Asher and the others might have a chance to escape.

Sharp branches tore at Justin’s arms and face, but he paid them no attention because of the gunshots echoing behind him and bullets exploding at his feet.

Fortunately, he had extensive experience in field combat. Otherwise, he would have perished long ago!

“Christopher, you’d better not allow me to survive this.” Justin gritted his teeth in hatred, veins bulging on his forehead, his steps swift.

“If I live, your time is up!” Just as he was fiercely engaged with the enemy, a bullet came fr behind.

He heard the terrifying sound of the bullet cutting through the air, bu with the flurry of bullets ahead of him, he didn’t have time to turn around!

“Argh-!” Justin felt a bone-crushing pain in his left shoulder. His face turned deathly pale as sweat poured down his back.

He had been shot! Thankfully, it was not fatal, but this excruciating pain was beyond what an ordinary person could endure.

From behind, someone shouted in Spanish, and several people on the opposite side lowered their guns in response.

“Hi, Mr. Salvador.” Justin endured the intense pain and slowly turned around, his handsome face covered in sweat. He saw Winston holding a submachine gun, smiling maliciously at him.

“I didn’t expect us to see each other again so soon, Mr. Salvador. You’re not here on vacation, are you? The local customs here aren’t that friendly.” Winston’s henchmen, who followed behind him, were all wielding weapons, looking down at Justin with disdain. Justin, who was a bigshot in Savrow, was no different from a brat in the eyes of these mercenaries. With a click of their fingers, they could kill him in an instant.

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