The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 1004

The Divorced Heiress Revenge

The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 1004-Don’t you think your question is ridiculous?” Christopher forcefully brushed her hand away, laughing scornfully. “If I had known you were such a clingy woman, I wouldn’t have saved you back then.” With a resounding slam, Christopher stormed out, leaving Yvonne curled up naked on the floor, crying her heart out and feeling worse than the torn dress scattered on the floor.

The freezing rain hammered down on Justin’s body. The journey was difficult, but he pushed forward.

Asher walked beside him. Although he appeared calm, he was and living secretly lamenting Justin’s speed. Justin was worthy of his militaryaccolades and his veteran title from his time with the peacekeeping forces.

Despite being away from the battlefield for yea luxuriously, Justin did not slack off nor was his body He was ready to pick up his weapon and head for comb necessary.

Asher couldn’t help acknowledging that, besides himself, per only person in the world who could ensure absolute security sister was Justin.

“What a shame!” Asher sighed silently.

d dull.

ver “What?” Despite moving quickly, Justin could still hear him distinct Just as Asher was about to reply, everything around him suddenly became a blur.

In an instant, Justin tackled him to the ground, and a series of bullets swept through the spot where he had just stood, leaving terrifying holes in the ground.

Although Asher was accustomed to intense situations, he couldn’t help but feel a shiver down his spine. A cold sweat formed on his forehead.

If he were a second too late, he would have been riddled with bullets.

It was Justin who saved his life!

“Are you alright?” “I’m okay,” Asher said as he gasped for breath. “Thank you.” “There’s an ambush nearby. We can’t afford any slacking from now on! Otherwise, Bella might lose two loved ones in just one night!” Justin’s eyes sparked like lightning as he carefully scanned his surroundings.

Relying on the dim light from the flashlight held by his subordinat his sharp vision and hearing allowed him to detect the dangers. lurking in the darkness.

“Mr. Salvador! Mr. Thompson! We’re under attack! You need to-” The subordinate, who was rushing toward them, suddenly fell silent.

A bullet pierced through his chest, leaving him wide-eyed with shock before collapsing to the ground.

An onslaught of bullets followed, dispersing everyone in different directions amidst the dense jungle. They were too preoccupied to protect Justin and Asher’s safety any longer!

Both Justin and Asher found cover behind a large boulder, swiftly returning fire with precision that took down four assailants consecutively.

Despite their accuracy, the situation remained extremely dire!

“What’s going on? Have Winston’s allies located us?!” Asher furrowed his brów, reloading his weapon and keeping a watchful eye on the situation outside.

“Our location was supposed to be completely confidential. There’s no way anyone could have found out!” “But somehow, news of our activities tonight got leaked.” Just then, another bullet narrowly missed Justin’s ear!

Asher’s heart raced, but he remained calm and composed. His cold and stern gaze cut through the darkness as he swiftly turne fired two shots, taking down another attacker.

He thought, ‘As expected of someone who has experienced th battlefield, he’s composed and adaptable. No wonder Bella fell with him.’ “Who could it be?” Asher asked urgently.

“It is possible that aside from Shannon, there are others within the country who secretly collude with Winston to assist him. Maybe eve plotting to eliminate you and me in the process.” As he spoke these words, for some inexplicable reason, a name Justin didn’t want to remember suddenly flashed through his mind- Christopher Iverson.

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