The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 1000

The Divorced Heiress Revenge

The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 1000-“Who is that man?” “I don’t know… But don’t you think he resembles Chairman Salvador?” “Now that you mention it, he does look similar.” Gregory’s shoulders shook, his eyes widening in astonishment!

It was Grant Salvador! How could he be with Wilson Reed?!

It seemed they were unaware that the video call had already connected. Grant was still chatting amiably with Wilson Reed and Wilson Reed Jr., appearing quite familiar with them.

“Grant, you…” Gregory was still stunned, his carefully prepared script now in disarray.

At this moment, Grant was the first to react, turning to the screen and gracefully waving at his father. “Dad, long time no see.” Everyone was shocked!

Could it be possible that the distinguished and polished man sta before them was actually the chairman’s long-lost eldest son, the young master of the Salvador family?

At this point, Wilson Reed also smiled at Gregory and said, “Chairman Salvador, I think we can delve deeper into our discussion about cooperation.” As soon as the meeting ended, Matt reported it to Nigel.

“Old Master Nigel, we have successfully secured a strategic cooperation agreement with Journey Ventures.” “Oh, really? That went well.” Nigel was taken aback by the news but was satisfied after the substantial discussion.

“In that case, arrange for him to fly to Meridan today in order to meet.

with Mr. Wilson Reed and finalize the contract without any delays!” Matt replied, “The contract has already been signed right on the spot.” “That fast?” Nigel was extremely surprised at their quick response. “Journey Ventures and our company have never worked together before, and I’m aware that several local conglomerates are competing to partner with them on very attractive terms. Why would they be so willing to collaborate with us?” Matt blinked and lowered his voice. “Young Master Grant signed the agreement in Meridan immediately with Mr. Wilson Reed, handling negotiations himself instead of Young Master Justin.” Nigel’s pupils narrowed, and his expression became serious.

“At the meeting today, everyone was taken aback by the unexpected presence of Young Master Grant next to Mr. Wilson Reed and his son. I doubt even you, Old Master, could have anticipated that Young Master Grant, who has been quietly recovering in Meridan, would be so closely connected to the Reed family,” Matt hinted subtly.

Nigel picked up on Matt’s subtle suggestions and knew exactly what he was trying to say.

“Matt, do you think my eldest grandson might suddenly return to Savrow?” Nigel asked urgently.

Matt hesitated, unsure of how to respond.

“And what about Justin? Why hasn’t he been around lately? Has he attended any group meetings?” Nigel’s impatience grew as his brows furrowed. “His family’s assets. are almost stolen, yet there is not a sign of concern from him. Does he believe that being president means he can relax? Why does he seem more naive the longer he lives?” “Old Master, Young Master Justin is not in the country right now. He’s gone abroad.” “What? Where in the world has he gone?” Matt couldn’t help but smile wryly. “I’m not sure where he went. I haven’t been able to find out. But I reached out to Wilma privately, and she mentioned that it seems like Young Master Justin is dealing with some crucial business for Ms. Thompson. It’s a type of matter th can’t be avoided.” Nigel was momentarily stunned, then he sighed softly, sensing som of his frustration dissipating.

In his eyes, even the smallest matter concerning Bella was significant. How could he not understand? He recalled how, in the past, he had approached Bella’s grandmother with the same fervor, ready to give up his status as heir just to be with the woman he loved.

But… Nigel sighed. “Matt, I’m afraid the road ahead for my grandson won’t be easy. There can’t be two tigers on one mountain.

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