The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 1699 by desirenovel

Chapter 1699

Eric was clear. He came prepared this time.

Eric personally went to Felix for him to reluctantly agree to do Floyd’s operation.

Nicole’s feet paused, and her expression changed. Her gaze became conflicted.

A trace of pain and forbearance flashed in her eyes.

Nicole was willing to leave with Eric because she could not ignore Floyd’s life.

Before Eric could be happy, Clayton turned around with a smile and held her hand tightly. He spoke with a tone that was neither light nor heavy.

“You still have the nerve to threaten her when you’re taking advantage of her difficult situation?”

The crowd could see the tension between the two men who were engaged in a silent battle.

The crowd was silent and still.

This scene captured on film looked like the fight of the century.

Eric laughed, a little wantonly, and said shamelessly.

“Taking advantage of someone’s difficulties also depends on whether I have the capability to do so. After all, it’s useless to play the emotional card. We still don’t know who’ll get the last laugh.”

Eric had the biggest bargaining chip in his hand.

From the beginning, Eric never thought that he had a chance.

However, this opportunity fell into his lap. How could he not seize it?

Eric thought to himself, ‘Even if I’m shameless or despicable, as long as I can start over with Nicole, I can give up anything, even my life.’

At those words, Clayton’s lips curled in disdain, and he looked at Eric in mockery.

Then, Clayton pulled Nicole’s hand and walked forward.

“Just wait and see, Mr. Ferguson. Don’t think too highly of yourself…”

Nicole pursed her lips. It felt like she could not control herself at all. She knew full well that missing this opportunity could bring unpredictable consequences.

However, she could not reject Clayton here.

Nicole just could not hurt someone who was infinitely tolerant of her.

Clayton’s hand seemed to have a power that constantly gave her an endless supply of support and rationality.

It allowed her to leave the crowd calmly and steadily. Along the way, countless images flashed in her mind.

Behind her was an abyss of darkness, the source of pain and coldness.

However, the person holding her hand and standing in front of her was amazing and surrounded by light.

Nicole looked at Clayton until they left the airport. She saw his car parked on the side.

Clayton looked to be in a very good mood. He smiled and pulled open the car door.

“Don’t worry about your father’s health. I found you an excellent doctor.”

Nicole blinked, not understanding what he meant.

The person inside the car bent down slightly and poked his head out.

“Mr. Sloan, is this Ms. Stanton?”

An ordinary-looking man with black-framed glasses appeared. He was dressed plainly and simply, but there was no trace of surprise or uneasiness in his voice.

Nicole pursed her lips. “This is…”

“Hello, Ms. Stanton. I’m Professor Phillip’s junior. He’s the doctor that operated on your father fifteen years ago. My name is Elio Cosenza.”

Elio simply opened his mouth and smiled. “You might not remember me, but I remember you. I participated i n that surgery fifteen years ago. Unfortunately, I was still too young, so my senior didn’t allow me to be the main surgeon…”  

Nicole’s gloomy eyes brightened up slowly. She felt her eyes sting as tears welled up in them.

She looked up at Clayton and pulled his hand excitedly.

Clayton patted her shoulder and coaxed her with his soothing voice.

“Don’t get too emotional. Let’s talk in the car.”

It was as if a light enveloped Nicole, who was in despair.

Nicole bent over to get into the car, and Elio made way for her. Clayton very thoughtfully sat on the passenger seat so that Nicole had plenty of space to communicate with Elio.

However, before they could drive off, a gloomy and stern figure suddenly stood in front of them.

The driver was stunned. “Mr. Sloan…”

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