The Day I Kissed An Older Man Chapter 99

The Day I Kissed An Older Man

The Day I Kissed An Older Man Chapter 99-Corinne snickered. “Fifteen thousand? As your fellow graduate, do you think I’m that easy to get taken advantage of?” Ivanka snorted sarcastically. “But I thought your family was rich, Corinne. If you can donate a building to the school, why can’t you pay for a ukulele?” Corinne narrowed her eyes. “What if I don’t pay?” “If you don’t…” Ivanka glared at her and threatened harshly, “Then don’t blame me for involving the police! This ukulele has your fingerprints on it, and everyone saw you playing it earlier! You won’t be able to escape!” Corinne shrugged her shoulders indifferently. Ivanka was obviously upset after failing to get the limelight earlier and was merely there to cause more trouble.

It was a very unclassy act.

“Go ahead and call the police, then! Once they’re here, they can check if your ukulele is an antique, determine if it’s worth that much, and decide whether your behavior falls under extortion.” Ivanka was stunned for a moment, and she had a flustered expression on her face. She did not expect her threats to have no effect at all, so she scolded her angrily, “Corinne, you cunning b*tch!” Corinne smiled. “Am I the cunning one? Or are you just trying to frame me for no good reason?” “It doesn’t matter! You need to compensate me for the scratches on my ukulele, and you need to do it by today! Don’t even think about leaving if you don’t pay me!” Ivanka failed to win an argument against Corinne, so she started to block Corinne from leaving.

‘Since I’ve failed to let Corinne make a fool of herself, I might as well have her pay me some money right now! My goal is to make sure she doesn’t leave this place so smugly!’ Ivanka was determined to give Corinne a hard time.

Indeed, she was the one who scratched the ukulele just to frame Corinne, and although her ukulele was not an antique instrument, it was still very expensive!

She could not let Corinne get away just like that. Otherwise, the damage she inflicted on her ukulele would be for naught!

As a result, she refused to rest until Corinne gave her the money.

Corinne had a good temper, but there were limits to how far she could endure such unreasonable behavior. Unable to bear it any longer, she clenched her fists and was about to strike Ivanka.

“Why are you so angry?” All of a sudden, a man’s sonorous and elegant voice interrupted the dispute between the two girls.

Thinking that it was some busybody passerby who wanted to meddle in someone else’s business, Ivanka turned her head angrily and was about to scold the person when she was stunned by what she saw.

The person who walked over was an extraordinarily handsome man. He was tall and slender, and 37 his facial features were nothing short of attractive. The suit he wore was a luxury brand, which lent a suave yet playful air to him.

Ivanka blushed when she saw the handsome guy and immediately got rid of the arrogance she earlier had. She lowered her gaze in a delicate yet submissive manner and explained to him, “Sir, I’m sorry that we disturbed you, but I’m only this anxious because she broke my antique ukulele. and wanted to leave without compensating me…” “Really? Destroying other people’s property and wanting to leave without compensating them? How terrible!” Corinne calmly watched as Zeke walked toward them. She recognized him as Jeremy’s friend, but she could not understand the motives behind his actions.

‘Why is he butting in?” Zeke walked up to Ivanka and asked pitifully, “What’s wrong with it? Let me see.” “Sir, look! These scratches you see are all her doing!” Ivanka blushed, handed her ukulele to the handsome guy to see, and accused Corinne while she was at it.

She believed that such a handsome man must have shown concern for her because he took a fancy to her. In her mind, it proved that she was more beautiful than Corinne and was also more attractive to men!

Zeke looked at the ukulele and clicked his tongue regretfully. “The scratches are quite bad. Such a shame that had to happen to a good ukulele.” When a handsome man with a unique character stood beside Ivanka, she regained her confidence right away.

After a moment’s thought, she acted like a pitiful little girl and began to cry again. “Sir! You have to help me! My ukulele is an antique, but she broke it on purpose and refuses to compensate…

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