The Day I Kissed An Older Man Chapter 98

The Day I Kissed An Older Man

The Day I Kissed An Older Man Chapter 98-Corinne has proven that she’s an all-round top student! She can even play the ukulele better than some of the music department’s students!” “I’m fully convinced in her ability now, and I’ll never question her again!” “Me, too! I now understand why she’s known as an all-round top student! It’s no surprise that the dean appreciates her that much!” At the end of the performance, all the students there praised her repeatedly, and not a single one of them was not applauding enthusiastically.

Ivanka and her friends, however, had ugly expressions on their faces.

Corinne gently put down the ukulele, walked up to the stage, and looked at them. “Now go up on stage and apologize in front of everyone for what you said to the dean.” The girl who took the lead in provoking her had a face full of disbelief. “H-How can you play the ukulele so well when you’re not from the music department?” Corinne said curtly, “It’s no big deal. I happen to have picked it up before.” The girl gritted her teeth angrily when she heard that flippant remark. “That’s what you call ‘no big deal’? You just played it better than- “Better than who?” Corinne cocked her eyebrow.

The girl immediately stopped talking and felt frustrated because she did not want to say anything to praise Corinne.

Seeing that the other party did not speak, Corinne said again, “I played the ukulele, and you saw the students acknowledge my playing. It’s time for you girls to keep your word and apologize to the dean in front of everyone!” The girls exchanged glances, complained to each other, and hesitated as if they were unwilling to stick to the agreement.

“Why are you just standing there? Hurry up and apologize to Corinne and the dean!” “Yeah! You were the ones who made a challenge, and now you’re becoming a sore loser?” “Get up there and apologize!” The girls were ashamed to hear all that slander from the students and reluctantly got on to the stage.

“We’re sorry. We apologize to Corinne and the dean for making such irresponsible remarks. What we said was pure nonsense, and we’re in the wrong. Please forgive us.” A discussion soon ensued, and all the students began talking about the girls’ despicable behavior.

Corinne had achieved her goal, so she turned around and left the place. She even dug her ears a little because she felt that it was too noisy there.

It had never been her intention to go to the gathering because she had plans to go to the company to discuss something with her subordinate, Aaron. However, Jeremy somehow insisted on sending her, which made it inconvenient for her to go to the company. In the end, Jeremy had her sent there.

Since she was already there, she decided to just attend the gathering and avoid being under Jeremy’s suspicion. However, she was not prepared for the ruckus that would occur at what was supposed to be a boring reunion!

Just as Corinne walked out of the private room, she heard someone calling her from behind again.

“Corinne! Stop!” Corinne stopped walking and looked back.

Ivanka chased her aggressively with her ukulele in her arms and said, “Are you just going to leave after damaging my ukulele? You need to compensate me before you leave!” “Damaged? It was fine when I played it earlier.” Corinne’s expression remained unchanged, and she lowered her eyes to glance at the ukulele Ivanka was holding. Nothing seemed damaged, though.

Ivanka shoved the ukulele in her face and said, “Look carefully! You must’ve intentionally left these scratches on the ukulele when you played it! Are you aware that my ukulele is an antique, and it’s very expensive?” At that moment, Ivanka no longer had the hypocritical and smug face she displayed in front of her classmates. She ditched that charade and stopped pretending, and in place of it was a jealous and unhappy expression.

Corinne looked down and saw that there were indeed a lot of scratches on the ukulele, so she frowned and asked, “How much do you want me to pay?” Ivanka feigned courteousness again and said, “Since we’re both fellow graduates, I won’t ask for more than fifteen thousand from you.”

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