The Day I Kissed An Older Man Chapter 85

The Day I Kissed An Older Man

The Day I Kissed An Older Man Chapter 85-Francine was so angry that she did not know how to argue. With gritted teeth, she said, “You’re still a disgusting, hideous two-faced woman, acting pure and naive with Jeremy and my grandmother when you plotted so many things behind them!” Corinne smiled. “So I’m a pure woman and a bad one too? I have thousands of different faces. Good people see my good side, and bad people see my bad side. Miss Francine, why don’t you. think of the things you did before running your mouth at me like this?” This young lady had the face of an angel yet was able to laugh so menacingly like a devil, taking revenge on those who tried to hurt her.

A chill crept up Francine’s back. “Devil! Y-You’re a devil!” Corinne raised an eyebrow slightly. “It’s up to you how you treat me if I’m a devil or not. I warned you before, though. I told you to not mess with me, but you refused to listen.” At this point, Francine accepted she had lost, yet she did not understand one thing. “So how did you do it? You’re the one Richard brought to the hotel! I saw it all!” Corinne leaned back lazily and chuckled. “My teacher used to tell me something. When a girl is out in the world on her own, she should understand one theory: One should never intend to harm. others but should always guard against the harm others might do to her. It was rare for you to be so nice to me and begged me to go shopping with you. There has to be something suspicious when a change that big happened, and I’m not that naive to think that you’ve suddenly changed your mind about me. As for the details of how I did it, it’s not something I’d reveal to you.” As a matter of fact, Corinne did have little hope for Francine. She hoped that she could get along peacefully with Francine for the next three months. After all, it was better to have one less trouble.

However, her subordinate, Aaron, had discovered Richard had been waiting at the gate of the Holdens’ estate for a few days. Thus, he ordered people to spy on Richard. Aaron’s men discovered Richard and Francine had contacted each other, and he reported his finding right on time.

The events that happened were under their control, and Corinne beat Francine at her game. The woman who dressed like Corinne was arranged by Arron to replace Corinne.

At first, for the sake of Pamela, Corinne tried to give Francine a chance. As long as Francine stopped at any given time, she would never sink this low.

Alas, Francine did not stop. She insisted on labeling Corinne as an escort. This was her own doing, and she deserved whatever consequences that awaited her.

Francine gave her an angry stare. “Don’t you dare to be complacent, Corinne Carew! My brother will never like a double-faced woman like you!” Corinne yawned. “Is that so? That’s good. I’ll never like a boring old man like your brother.” “What? You don’t like my brother?” Francine was stunned. She thought about it and rolled her eyes immediately. “I don’t believe you! If you don’t like him, why did you agree to marry him? You’re so fake!” “Did you really think I wanted to marry him?” Corinne snorted ‘Maybe your brother is the most eligible bachelor to many women, but not to me. I admit Mister got the looks, but his face is always stone-cold. It could be half a day gone without hearing him speak one word out of his mouth. It’s better to place a statue in the house as a decoration rather than spending the rest of my life with a proud, cold, and quiet man like him.

Francine doubted that her ears were hearing the wrong thing. She was alarmed.

“You… You dare to say those things about my brother? Aren’t you afraid he is going to divorce you?” Corinne put her palms together like she was praying “That’d be a dream come true! Once he divorces me, I’ll thank god and everyone in this world, donate money to charity, and clean my body. and my spirit.” Francine could not believe her ears as she looked at Corinne. The most amazing thing was she did not think Corinne was lying.

There is a woman who doesn’t like Jeremy? My brother has a remarkable appearance and a model-like body. He’s from a distinguished family and has abundant wealth! How could Corinne have the nerve to dislike him?!

At that very moment, Jeremy heard everything as his tall body stood outside the door of the interrogation room.

He looked gloomy. His lips were pressed into a line, showing just how annoyed he was.

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