The Day I Kissed An Older Man Chapter 79

The Day I Kissed An Older Man

The Day I Kissed An Older Man Chapter 79-Francine did not dare to tell them the reason why she came to the police station.

She was afraid Jeremy and Pamela would stop her. Therefore, she walked past them and entered the police station to ask the question that was troubling her.

“Mister officer, I’d like to ask if there is a male and female being detained because they were conducting illegal activity in Holden International Hotel?” The officer looked at her and answered truthfully, “Yes, there is. What’s the matter?” Francine requested, “Can I meet the woman who got detained? I think I know her!” It just did not make sense to her. Corinne should be the one who got detained, but how did Corinne go back home safe and sound? Thus, she had to make sure with her own eyes the detained woman was not Corinne. Otherwise, she just could not let it go!

However, the police officer shook his head. “Unfortunately, the suspected female lawbreaker ran away during the arrest. My colleagues are still looking for her at this moment.” ‘That’s it! Of course she got away!’ Francine thought.

It all made sense to her. Her eyes sparkled brightly and said, “I have a piece of information I want to report! I know where the woman is!” The officer was surprised. “You do? This is a serious matter, and it’s not something you should joke about.” Without further ado, she turned and went over to drag Corinne over to the officer. Corinne was standing by the side and quietly holding Pamela’s arm when Francine did that.

After that, Francine reported persistently, “Officer, this is the woman you’re after!

Take a good look and see if she resembles the woman who ran away!” It all happened too fast. When Pamela finally reacted, she hissed, “Francine!

What are you doing?!” Francine insisted that she was not wrong. “Grandma, don’t panic. You’ll know the truth later!” The officer was shocked while he checked out Corinne. “Well, I wasn’t there when the arrest happened, and I haven’t yet seen the actual suspects… But I do notice she does look like the woman my colleagues describe in their report. They’re wearing the same clothing too. The height and figure match, too…” Francine smiled pleasingly and confidently. “Officer, there’s no reason to doubt.

Arrest her immediately. I’m sure the escort that ran away is this woman right here! She didn’t just lose her belongings accidentally, but she’s the one who created this illusion to clear her suspicion!” The police officer entered a deep thought.

Jeremy strode over to look at his trouble-making sister and angrily growled, “Haven’t you caused enough trouble at home just now?” Still, Francine was very confident. “Jeremy, trust me! This is the truth! I’m just trying to show you who Corinne really is. Stop letting this sneaky woman deceive you!” The expression on Jeremy’s face remained unchanged. He instructed faintly, “Tommy, bring my sister home now!” “Yes, sir!” Tommy responded and approached Francine.

However, Francine quickly hid behind the officer. I don’t want to go home! I’m not going home until Corinne is arrested!” Jeremy gave Tommy a look to let Tommy know he was responsible for settling the incident Francine caused. He was not planning on staying for long. He placed his arm around Corinne’s shoulder and wanted to bring her away from this place.

Nevertheless, the officer rushed over and stopped them from leaving. With a serious expression, he said, “Sir, please wait. She’s not allowed to leave yet.” Jeremy’s eyes darkened. “Why can’t she leave?” The officer continued to glare at Corinne as his suspicion grew. “Based on the current situation, Corinne Carew is obliged to stay here to cooperate with us.

Due to the latest information we received, we need to verify if the information we received is true or not, so she’s not allowed to leave yet.” As such, Francine was even more convinced. “Jeremy, did you hear that? The officer said he needed to verify things. It proves that even the police think Corinne is suspicious!” Jeremy squinted and tilted his head to look at Corinne.

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