The Day I Kissed An Older Man Chapter 74

The Day I Kissed An Older Man

The Day I Kissed An Older Man Chapter 74-“And what did the police say?” Jeremy said while calmly reading the weekly financial report.

Tommy replied, “The police are still conducting their investigation and interrogating the suspects. There hasn’t been any word yet.” Such things happen every day in countries all over the world, so nothing was surprising about what happened. It was not worth all the huge fuss, Jeremy sipped his coffee and ordered, “Get the media to tone down on the reports while we wait for the results of the investigation. We’ll respond to the public opinion based on the official announcement.” “Understood!” Tommy nodded, but his expression soon turned less calm than before. He had to put a lot of strain on himself to utter his next sentence and say, “Sir, there are rumors that the name of the woman suspected of being an escort is…Corinne Carew.” Jeremy finally lifted his handsome face out of the financial weekly newspaper, with his gaze turning sharp all of a sudden.

Tommy had a regretful look. “I didn’t believe it at first when I heard the news, but the hotel’s check- in records show that she checked into suite 3201 of Holden International Hotel this afternoon. She hasn’t responded to any attempts to contact her even until now.” Jeremy was silent for a while as he narrowed his eyes and said coldly, “Let’s not jump to conclusions before we find out what’s really going on. Our top priority should be to locate her.” “Yeah! You must’ve made a mistake, Tommy. How could she do such a thing!” Francine walked over and made a remark that would lead them to think of more things..

Just a minute ago, she received a text message from Richard announcing the good news, [Missus Holden, everything on my end is done. Don’t forget what we agreed on earlier!] [Don’t worry. You’ll have your share once this is all done!] Francine replied, then smirked in secret.

She opened her news app according to plan and clicked on the news in the social happenings section. [A certain Miss Carew and Mister Royse were arrested for allegedly offering escort services and soliciting such services in a suite of Holden International Hotel!] Then, she feigned surprise and said, “Jeremy! Look! The woman mentioned in the news is wearing the same clothes as Corinne today, and the man next to her has blonde hair too. He looks just like the friend that Corinne met in the mall today!” After making that remark, she handed the phone over to Jeremy.

Jeremy looked at Francine’s cell phone screen. The faces of the two suspects in the accompanying video were blurred, but the woman’s clothes were indeed the same as Corinne’s outfit that day.

Francine covered his mouth in ‘disbelief’. “No way! Jeremy, this woman can’t be Corinne, right? Now I get why she was so reluctant to bring me along when she decided to catch up with her old friend. Turns out they were going to do…’that’!

This is crossing the line.” Jeremy’s face turned cold, and his emotions were not obvious.

At that moment, Pamela-who had just got up from her nap in the room-walked out and asked, ” Jeremy, Francine, why are you two the only ones here?

Where’s Corinne? Call her to come down and have dinner together!” Jeremy was about to stop Francine from talking too much, but Francine could not hold back and ran over to her. “There’s been a situation, Grandma! The police have arrested her!” “What! She was arrested?” Pamela nearly collapsed when she heard that, but luckily, a maid rushed there just in time to support her. “What do you mean?

What happened to Corinne?” Francine handed Pamela her cell phone and showed the video from the news article. “Look, Grandma! She was arrested for sex services this afternoon!” ‘Sex services?’ The old lady recognized the clothes that the woman in the news was wearing-it was no doubt the same outfit that Corinne wore when she went out earlier that morning. Her face. turned pale with shock. “No, it’s impossible!

Corinne would never do that kind of thing!” Francine said angrily, “Jeremy and I don’t believe it either, but the truth is right in front of us!” Then, the landline at home rang all of a sudden.

The butler, Bowen Hoover, knew that his employers had no time to answer the phone at that. moment, so he walked over to pick it up. Bowen was stunned to hear what had been said and immediately put the call on speaker.

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