The Day I Kissed An Older Man Chapter 72

The Day I Kissed An Older Man

The Day I Kissed An Older Man Chapter 72-Francine thought for a while and said, “Well, since today’s your graduation ceremony, why don’t we go and celebrate?” Corinne yawned. “Thanks, but no thanks. There’s nothing to celebrate.” Nevertheless, Francine continued to cajole her and took her arm warmly. “It couldn’t have been easy for you to go through four years of university, so that’s a good enough reason to celebrate! I know a shopping mall with a lot of limitededition new fashion styles. How about we go for a walk together?” Corinne gazed down at the way Francine was hooking her arm and raised her eyebrows strangely. “You want me to go shopping with you right now?” Francine nodded eagerly. “That’s right! It’s not like we have anything else to do if we go home early! Why don’t you come shopping with me?” Though it was rare that Francine was kind to Corinne, it would nonetheless be a positive development because she would have less trouble if she could get along peacefully with everyone at the Holdens.

With that thought in mind, Corinne pursed her lips slightly and said, “Alright.

Let’s go shopping.” Francine immediately beamed with a smile. She then turned around and said to Jeremy, “We’re going shopping, so why don’t you follow us too?” Jeremy gazed down at the document in his hand and answered curtly, “I don’t have the time.” That was exactly the outcome that Francine expected, so she smiled secretly again and said, ” Fine, then. Just have the driver send me and Corinne to Glee Shopping Center, at Eastbridge!” After the two girls got out of the car, Jeremy lowered the window, turned to look at Corinne, and advised softly, “Don’t stay out too late. Be home early.” “Sure.” Corinne nodded cooperatively. Jeremy sounded like he was lecturing a child, which Corinne chalked up to him being worried that she might lead his precious sister astray.

Inside the mall, Francine winced and covered her stomach suddenly before they could even visit any of the stores. She cried out and said, “My tummy isn’t feeling too well, Corinne. I’m going to the toilet!” Corinne looked around to help her find the restroom but then saw a sign on the door of the nearby restroom warning potential bathroom-goers that it was under repair. She frowned, and said, “The bathroom on this floor is broken. Come on, let’s go find another one upstairs!” Rather than leaving, Francine shook her head strongly and said, “No! I won’t be able to make it upstairs! I don’t think the entire restroom is broken. I’ll go in and use whichever one that’s working. Wait here for me!” After ending her sentence, Francine hurriedly rushed into the undermaintenance bathroom.

Corinne frowned helplessly and followed her slowly.

2/2 Francine did not come out, even though Corinne had waited for a long time at the entrance. Worried that something might happen to Francine, Corinne decided to go in and look for her.

However, everything around Corinne turned dark as soon as she walked in.

Someone placed a sack over her head from behind, and the person struck her very hard on the back of the head, causing her to pass out on the spot.

The toilet door opened, and Francine walked out leisurely with a triumphant smile on her face.” You fell into my trap this time, Corinne!’ Inside suite 3201 of Holden International Hotel, Corinne was lying unconscious on the big bed.

Francine crossed her arms as she stood by the bed and glanced disdainfully at Corinne from above. The situation Corinne was in was similar to that of a fish waiting to be gutted on the chopping board.

“Make sure everything’s done cleanly. I don’t want this to be traced back to me!” reminded Francine.

Richard patted his chest with confidence and said happily, “Don’t worry, Missus Holden. Everything after this has been arranged perfectly. Nothing will go wrong!” Francine glanced at him arrogantly. “You’d better make sure that nothing goes wrong!” “I guarantee you’ll be satisfied!” After making his promise, Richard turned his head and told the blonde guy who was waiting at one side, “Did you hear what Missus Holden said? Take good care of this woman for her. I don’t think I need to repeat what you have to do when the police arrive, do I?”

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