The Day I Kissed An Older Man Chapter 58

The Day I Kissed An Older Man

The Day I Kissed An Older Man Chapter 58-Rosie was sure this was the climax of this escalating tension. She felt a sort of joy when she felt Corinne’s misfortune approaching. ‘This is karma for ruining my watch! Won’t it be nice if I can actually say she deserves it?’ Rosie pretended to sigh and approached Jeremy, attempting to console him by saying, “Jeremy, don’t be angry. No one expected Corinne to betray you…” Jeremy glanced at her for just a second before looking back at Corinne. He said coldly, “Come here.” Despite all that happened, Corinne was very calm. She expressed her gratitude to Jason, who helped her, and slowly walked toward Jeremy as she was told.

“Mister…” Before she reached Jeremy, however, a dizzy feeling hit her, and she nearly fell again. Jeremy’s long arms managed to catch her, and he pulled her to his form, furrowing his eyebrows as he did.” Is this what you got? Why is your body so weak?” The sick feeling overwhelmed her, and it did not help that Jeremy mocked her for being in such a state. If she had the slightest energy left, she would have punched him. ‘Come on! I’m not hoping that he’d be worried about me, but can he at least show some sympathy?’ she thought.

Rosie, Sunny, and Francine were dumbstruck when they saw Jeremy embracing Corinne nervously. They had a feeling that Jeremy did not care that Corinne was cheating on him and was instead more worried about Corinne’s well-being.

After leaning on Jeremy’s body for a while to rest, Corinne finally gathered enough energy to look up. She asked, “Hey, where’s the thing I requested you buy?” This confused everyone. ‘What thing?” Whatever it was, it made Jeremy flustered. The cold, mature man was never seen with that expression before.

Within a second, he took out a sanitary pad from the pocket of his exquisite formal suit and passed it to Corinne.

“Thank you!” Once Corinne got her hand on the sanitary pad, she quickly left him to head toward the bathroom, albeit weakly.

Jeremy gave Tommy a look. Immediately, Tommy turned around to accompany Corinne.

The atmosphere in the lounge suddenly took an awkward twist. Rosie, Sunny, and Francine were dumbstruck. The almighty, superior person in their mind would actually help a woman purchase a sanitary pad?

Without a doubt, Pamela knew there was no trust issue between Corinne and Jeremy. It was definitely not what Francine had told her.

Therefore, she walked over and asked, “Jeremy, what’s going on? You knew Corinne was here, too?” Jeremy nodded. “Yes, I do. She told me she came here for the art exhibition.

When she was feeling sick, she texted me to come pick her up.” The people were stunned, especially Sunny and Francine. Their faces reddened.

‘What is going on? Did Corinne ask Jeremy to come here? Why would she tell Jeremy before she was going to cheat on him? What the hell is going on?!’ they thought.

Pamela recalled Corinne’s weak face and got worried. “Jeremy, you should bring Corinne to the hospital to check since she’s feeling sick.” Jeremy’s eyes darkened. He reached for his glabella and pinched it. “Don’t worry, Grandma. She’s fine. It’s normal for a woman to be sick for a few days every month. I’ll bring her to the hospital later.” It just struck Pamela that Corinne is having her period. Corinne was feeling uncomfortable because of the menstrual pain!

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