The Day I Kissed An Older Man Chapter 44

The Day I Kissed An Older Man

The Day I Kissed An Older Man Chapter 44-At the entrance of the Asian restaurant, Jeremy strode out of the car with Corinne by his side before walking into the restaurant.

Tommy respectfully stood by the car and stared incredulously at Jeremy from behind.

After Corinne suggested that they get some Asian food, he casually called Jeremy to inform him of Corinne’s request. Little did he expect that Jeremy would agree to cancel the reservation at the French restaurant and change the venue to an Asian restaurant. His attitude toward Corinne seemed to be different from most.

However, the more important issue was whether or not Asian cuisine even suited his taste palate.

The aroma in the Asian restaurant was characteristically rich and spicy. Corinne had chosen a seat by the window, and she held a pen while browsing through the menu. Then, she raised her head and asked, “Do you take spicy food?” Jeremy, who was sitting opposite her, nodded slightly. “Yes.” Corinne grunted in response and chose two spicy soups. The tables in the restaurant were very close to each other, and the chatter from the next table could be heard very clearly.

“Look! He’s so handsome!” “Yeah, he is!” “Is that his girlfriend sitting opposite him? She’s got good looks too, but she seems to be much younger than the man!” “Maybe she’s his sister!” “Man, I’m so jealous! I wish I had such a handsome brother!” “If it were me, I wouldn’t want him to be my brother. I much prefer having a husband as handsome as him!” Jeremy stood out like a sore thumb, for it was out of place for such a handsome man in a well- fitting suit to grace a smoky Asian restaurant with his elegance. It was inevitable, then, that the female diners at the nearby tables would get infatuated with him. He disliked the noisiness there. and glanced across the surroundings with a solemn face. “Don’t they have any quieter private rooms here?” Corinne cocked her eyebrow and said with a smile, “No one eats this kind of food in a private room. Authentic Asian cuisine can only be enjoyed in a lively environment!” Jeremy could only look at her. He neither understood her nor wanted to make any effort to understand her, so he just let her be.

Corinne handed over the menu to him and said, “I’ve finished ordering, mister. Is there anything else you’d like to add?’ Jeremy reached out to take the menu and immediately handed it to the waitress.

He said softly to her, “A bottle of mineral water, please.” The young waitress was staring all googly-eyed at the man’s handsome face and was on the verge of drooling. It was not until he gave her an impatient look that she was frightened back to her senses and felt a chill down her spine. She took the order quickly and smiled awkwardly,” Ahem… Alright, sir. It’ll be sent over soon.” After the blushing waitress left, Corinne took out her phone and played some mobile games while waiting for the dishes to be served. There was nothing in common between them anyway, so there was no point in having a conversation.

Moments later, someone knocked on the window.

Corinne turned around and saw Annie standing right outside. She was plastering her face on the glass window, and she looked at them in shock and surprise.

Another two people were spotted beside Annie-one was the beautiful curlyhaired woman who was with Jeremy in Twilight’s Snow Room, and the other was her online ‘friend’ who tripped her that day.

Before long, Annie ran excitedly into the restaurant and went up to their table.

“Uncle! It is you! I thought I was seeing things! I never thought you’d set foot into this sort of restaurant and eat this sort of cuisine!” Jeremy looked sternly at Corinne and raised his chin slightly. “It was her choice.” Though his tone was insipid and there was nothing out of the ordinary with what he said, the young man and the curly-haired woman who came in after Annie simultaneously had a look of surprise. They thought to themselves, ‘He lowered his standards and ate in this place just because she said she wanted to? Has she become someone important to him?’

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