The Day I Kissed An Older Man Chapter 41

The Day I Kissed An Older Man

The Day I Kissed An Older Man Chapter 41-Lilliana comforted her daughter Sherlyn. “Don’t worry, Sherlyn. I’ll find a way to clear your name! Don’t cry…” Corinne stood relaxedly to one side with a mocking smirk, and she even chuckled a little at the sight of Lilliana and Sherlyn in shambles.

Sherlyn ceased crying the second she heard that little chuckle from Corinne. A frown appeared on her face, and she glared at Corinne while pointing resentfully at her. “It was you! You did this to me, Corinne!” Corinne cocked an eyebrow and spread her hands innocently. “How can a small-time maid like me be capable of doing that to you? It’s expensive to pay for a headline slot in the news, and I can’t afford to do that at all.” Indeed, money was not involved, only certain tech-savvy skills.

Sherlyn nonetheless stared unhappily at her. “Even if you didn’t pay for the news to be in the headlines, you came here to add fuel to the fire in front of Dad.

He wouldn’t have known about the news if you weren’t here!” Corinne frowned. “Weren’t you the one who asked Dad to demand that I come home?” Sherlyn was speechless.

Corinne then added, “Well, not that it matters. He’ll eventually see the news himself even if I hadn’t come back today. Word of advice: if you don’t want anyone to find out that you’re engaging in all those shameful acts, the best thing you can do is not do them in the first place.” Sherlyn was so angry that she was incapable of coherent speech and could only cry incessantly..

Lilliana could not bear to see her daughter cry like that and no longer maintain the kind expression. on her face. She said, “Enough with your sarcastic remarks, Corinne! Do you think you’re any better? You’re a b*stard child who only acts like a good girl in front of your Dad!” “You don’t know anything about me, but I know exactly what kind of despicable people you and Sherlyn are!” Corinne glanced insipidly at them and smiled.

“Do you know what’s happening to the two of you right now? Karma’s coming back to bite you for all the evil things you’ve done!” said Corinne, then immediately turned around and went upstairs to look for Marvin. There were several things she wished to speak about with her father in private.

Lilliana could only grit her teeth in ire as she looked at Corinne’s calm figure from behind. ‘How dare this b*tch make a fool out of us! I’ll make her pay for this in the future!’ Her attempts at chasing Corinne out of the Carew home had never been successful. Though the Carews were not a very wealthy family, their ancestors divided a lot of real estate between them, and collecting the rent from all that property was more than enough to sustain their family for their entire life.

Lilliana, however, could not stand to see an illegitimate child like Corinne getting a share of the spoils! She initially wanted to marry Corinne off as soon as possible so that Corinne would take 272 the husband’s surname and lose all rights to inherit the family property. Alas, all her plans to get Corinne to go on a blind date had been a failure, thus delaying the possibility of marrying Corinne off.

Lilliana felt that it was about time she figured out some other way to deal with Corinne as soon as possible, because keeping her around would bring even more misfortune to them!

Marvin was fuming by himself in the study when someone knocked suddenly on the door. He immediately scolded them, “Get out!” “Dad, it’s me,” came Corinne’s tender voice.

Marvin’s anger was slightly quelled. “Corinne? Come in.” Corinne gently pushed open the door of the study and walked in with a painting.

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