The Day I Kissed An Older Man Chapter 37

The Day I Kissed An Older Man

The Day I Kissed An Older Man Chapter 37-Corinne stepped over the broken glass shards on the ground and walked up to Marvin. “What’s wrong, Dad? Why are you so angry?” Sherlyn folded her arms as she stood at one side and viciously added fuel to fire. “You have the nerve to ask that? You should be well aware of what you’ve done.” Corinne glanced insipidly at Sherlyn. “I’ve done a lot of good deeds. Which one are you referring to?” Marvin had a sour expression as he asked angrily, “You said you moved out because you got a job. What kind of job are you doing?” Corinne was at a loss for words because she did not know what was the best way to describe the work she was doing. She wondered what would be the best occupation to describe ‘pretending to be the wife of a domineering man to help him appease his elders’, and whether ‘actress’ or ‘temporary wife’ would be a better job description.

When Marvin saw that Corinne was having difficulty answering him, he became even angrier and said, “Are you going to continue hiding it from me? How can you, a student from a famous university, decide to work as a bar hostess?

Where’s your shame, Corinne? Are you trying to embarrass me just because you want to anger me?” ‘Hostess?’ Corinne raised her eyebrows.

Marvin placed a photo on the table that depicted her and Annie walking side by side when they were coming out of the Snow Room the previous day. Annie dyed her hair pink out of despair after getting her heart broken, and she dressed in a very revealing manner. The tremendous amount of alcohol that she drank led her to walk a little shakily, and anyone who saw her would easily mistake her for being a bar hostess, hence the reason those three men yesterday teased her publicly. It was also inevitable that those who saw them walking side-by-side would feel that they were birds of the same feather.

Corinne looked at the photo, glanced at Sherlyn, and said, “Sherlyn showed you this photo, didn’t she?” Sherlyn did not feel any shame and jerked her chin up as if to say, ‘So what if it was me?’ Then, her stepmother Lilliana came over and sang the same tune. “Don’t blame your sister, Corinne. She’s only doing this in the hopes that you’ll come back to the right path! Being a hostess might be easy money, but it’s a depraving job!

Sigh! How could you, Corinne… Lilliana’s heartbroken expression prompted Corinne to smile and say, “She wants me to go back to the right path? I think she should be telling herself that.” Sherlyn stared at her in displeasure. “What do you mean by that, Corinne? I’m no bar hostess, so I’m already on the right path!” Corinne ignored her and explained to Marvin, “The pink-haired girl in the photo is a relative of my landlord’s family. She went to the bar to have some drinks because she was heartbroken, and I went there to fetch her for my landlord’s sake.” Marvin was taken aback for a moment and was a little skeptical. “Are you telling the truth?” Corinne nodded firmly. “I am.” Sherlyn did not believe it one bit and stepped forward to try and expose her.

“Are you still going to lie to Dad? The Snow Room at Twilight is only for senior members, and ordinary people aren’t allowed to enter at all! How is it that you were able to strut in there if you didn’t work as a wine hostess? Can you explain that?” Corinne looked at her and smiled calmly. “I can go in there because my landlord is one of their senior members.” Sherlyn frowned and remembered having seen Corinne enter the huge home when she followed her the other day.

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