The Day I Kissed An Older Man Chapter 112

The Day I Kissed An Older Man

The Day I Kissed An Older Man Chapter 112-Sherlyn gave Corinne a look. Just as she was about to scold Corinne again, the ringing of her phone stopped her.

It was a video call from their father, Marvin.

Sherlyn rolled her eyes and waved the phone at Corinne haughtily, showing off. “Look at this. Daddy is calling me! I bet you hardly receive any calls from him at all. It just shows he never cares. about you!” Corinne smiled nonchalantly. “If you’re not going to pick up, your daddy dearest is going to hang up.” Sherlyn snorted. She answered the call and put it on speaker mode, intending for Corinne to hear their conversation.

Marvin and Lilliana were on the other side of the call. Both of them looked at their favorite celebrity daughter happily. “Sherlyn, how’s work today?” asked Marvin, concerned. “Have your eaten?” Sherlyn pouted and cutely replied, “No, not yet, Daddy. I’m so busy with work that I don’t have the time to eat.” Marvin frowned. “That’s not good. No matter how busy you are, you have to eat. You need to take care of your body!” Lilliana chimed in, agreeing, “Your daddy is right. If you don’t have the time, drink some milk. Your daddy and I are going to be heartbroken if you starve and end up sick!” Sherlyn scrunched her face pitifully and sighed. “I don’t have any appetite, Daddy. I only feel like eating the meatballs you make.” Marvin replied, “That won’t be a problem! I can make it for you when you come back.” “But it’s going to be very late when I finish with work. You’ll be sleeping by then…” muttered Sherlyn.

“It’s fine. No matter how late it is going to be, I’ll wake up and make it for you!” Marvin assured.

“Thanks, Daddy! I know you love me the most!” Sherlyn replied.

“Alright. We’re not going to disturb you anymore. Get off work early. I’ll make the meatball for you! “Marvin reminded.

Just as Marvin was about to hang up, Sherlyn stopped him. “Daddy, wait! Look who it is!” All of a sudden, Sherlyn pointed the camera at Corinne.

The moment Marvin saw his disappointing youngest daughter, he frowned. “Corinne? Why are you in Sherlyn’s car?” Corinne smiled and was going to answer, but Sherlyn did not give her the chance and pointed the camera back at herself.

“Daddy, when I was discussing with Mister Feldman in the office, Corinne came to interview for a job. I asked her to become my assistant. We should keep the goodies in the field, right?” “I see. Sherlyn, turn the camera on to your sister. I have something to tell her,” Marvin requested.

Sherlyn did as she was told.

Marvin looked at his youngest daughter and sternly advised, “Corinne, you have to work hard for your sister, seeing how nice she is to let you be her assistant. It’s better than being someone else’s nanny. Rather than taking care of someone else, why don’t you take care of your sister instead? At least Aunt Lilliana and I will be at ease!” Corinne’s gentle smile of obedience turned to a sardonic smirk. “Alright. I will be grateful that Sherlyn is willing to hire me as her assistant.” After the video call ended, Sherlyn felt superior. She said excitedly, “Did you see that? I’m still Daddy’s favorite daughter. No matter what mistake I made, he’ll always forgive me and love me. You? No matter how talented, hardworking, or how you try to please him, he’s not going to care about you!” Corinne closed her eyes and rested, unbothered by what Sherlyn said.

Sherlyn was not satisfied with her reaction and added, “Corinne Carew! No one in this world is going to love you!” Corinne squeezed the water bottle in her hand tightly. “So what? Should I die just because no one loves me?” Sherlyn smirked and retorted, “No one cares if you live or die, and no one will feel sad if you die! You graduated from a reputable university, but so what? In the end, you’re still here working as my assistant. I advise you to stay put and behave nicely, or I’m going to ask Daddy to kick you out of the house!” Corinne did not even care to open her eyes. “You’re welcome to do anything you want. I’ll be waiting.” The nonchalant attitude from Corinne angered Sherlyn even more as she stared at Corinne angrily. ‘Nevermind. I have all the time in the world to torment her slowly!’ she thought.

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