The Day I Kissed An Older Man Chapter 101

The Day I Kissed An Older Man

The Day I Kissed An Older Man Chapter 101-The man’s rear figure was tall and slender, and as the petite girl followed him obediently, one could see the stark contrast of a visually adorable height difference.

Ivanka squatted on the ground and wept. It was such a shame that her ukulele was destroyed in such a manner.

She thought that crying like this would get the pity of the handsome man who wiped her tears earlier, but no one came to her aid even after she had been crying for some time!

As soon as she looked up, she saw only the Prince Charming’s handsome back.

‘Argh! Why is that handsome guy leaving, too?! Doesn’t he care that I’m in such a miserable state?’ Ivanka hurriedly got up and chased after him. “Sir, please wait…” Zeke stopped, smiled, and glanced askance at her. “What’s wrong? Is something the matter?” Ivanka was blank and felt a little awkward. ‘Am I seeing things? My Prince Charming is obviously smiling, but he seems so much more indifferent than before.” “Uh… Sir, I’m here to return your handkerchief. Thank you for your concern earlier…” Ivanka handed over the handkerchief shyly and waited quietly for the Prince Charming to ask for her number.

However, Zeke just smirked and did not take the handkerchief back from her. “It’s fine. You can have it.” Ivanka’s cheeks turned red, and her little heart was beating exceptionally quickly.

‘I can have it? The material made from this handkerchief is so luxurious to the touch! What could he possibly be trying to imply by gifting it to me?

Just as Ivanka was secretly fantasizing about how the relationship between the two would soon. develop, Zeke answered softly, “It disgusts me now that it’s stained with the tears of a hypocrite.” Ivanka was stunned.

‘Hypocrite? Is he talking about me?’ Ivanka felt a little guilty and explained hurriedly, “Sir, you must’ve misunderstood something.

I’m not a hypocrite…” Zeke smiled. “No, you say? You weren’t the one who played the ukulele earlier, yet you didn’t deny. it when I asked who the performer was. You also scratched the ukulele yourself just so you could frame someone else, and now you’re pretending to be all sad and miserable in front of me. There’s only one word to describe such a character, and that’s ‘hypocritical”.” “I…” Ivanka felt helpless after being exposed like that and did not know how to argue her way out of it.

She thought that he was her Prince Charming, but it turned out that it was all mere wishful thinking on her part.

After Zeke left, Tommy walked up to Ivanka and said, “Ma’am, I’ve checked. Your ukulele is worth less than three thousand dollars. Please give me your account number so I can make the transfer.” Ivanka held back her anger, gritted her teeth, and said to Tommy, “Who told you my ukulele is only less than three thousand? It costs fifteen thousand! Don’t think you can get away with paying one cent less!” show us Tommy said blankly, “Ma’am, if you insist that we pay fifteen thousand, we ask that you the receipt or purchase record as proof. If not, we’ll have to go through legal procedures.” Ivanka flinched as soon as she heard the phrase ‘legal procedure’. Getting involved in a lawsuit just after graduating was the last thing she wanted.

She decided to just accept the money since the ukulele was already damaged. Reluctant, she gritted her teeth and revealed her bank account number truthfully.

In her eyes, Corinne was the cause of all her bad luck that day, and she pinned all the blame on her. ‘This world isn’t big enough for the two of us!’ Inside the car, Corinne lowered her head and scrolled through her phone.

Jeremy spoke in a deep and cold voice that had hints of sarcasm, “You play the ukulele very well, Corinne!”

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