The Day I Kissed An Older Chapter 1986

The Day I Kissed An Older Man

The Day I Kissed An Older Chapter 1986-Melody was thrilled by the answer. She knew that since those were all Parr Group’s territories, they should be under surveillance. As long as there was surveillance, she would be able to get her hands on yesterday’s footage.

Melody and Edmund walked into Sherman’s office.

Sherman knew Edmund and was aware that his presence was likely at Lucas’ behest. He nodded in greeting to them.

Melody anxiously got to the point as soon as she entered the office.” Sherman, I need to ask you something. Can we see the surveillance footage at the shooting location yesterday?”

Sherman and Melody were on the same page. He turned his laptop toward her and said, Tve got the surveillance footage ready. We can clear things up whenever you want.”

The laptop screen displayed yesterday’s surveillance footage. Luckily, the outdoor filming location was equipped with multiple surveillance cameras strategically placed to avoid unnecessary complications.

The numerous surveillance cameras recorded every move Sherman and Melody made yesterday from different angles. It clearly showed that there was an appropriate social distance between them. He only reached out to help her remove something from her hair, and there was no other physical contact between them.

Melody looked at Sherman gratefully. “Thank you so much! I’ll be able to clear my name with this footage. Can you make a copy for me?”

“Of course,” Sherman replied. After taking back the laptop, he copied the video to a flash drive and handed it to Melody. “I’m the one who should be sorry for all the trouble I’ve caused you this time.”

“No worries, Sherman. I have to go handle this matter now!” Melody was eager to prove her innocence, so picked up the flash drive and left in a hurry.

In the car, Melody handed the flash drive to Edmund. “Show this to Lucas, and email me a copy later.”

Edmund looked at the flash drive and hesitated before reaching for it. “As you wish, Miss Melody.”

Upon returning to the Riveras’ residence, Melody received an email of the video from Edmund. She wasted no time showing it to Cedric and Beatrice.

As they watched the footage, Cedric and Beatrice gained a clear understanding of the true story behind the incident.

Beatrice was furious. “Melody, whoever posted the photos online is deliberately smearing your name! Does Lucas know about it?” Melody nodded. “I had Edmund deliver the flash drive with the video to Lucas.

He’s seen it.”

“Good.” Beatrice took Melody’s hand and looked at her with great distress.” It might be time to reveal your identity as Lucas’ wife. Otherwise, they’ll think you’re an easy target without anyone backing you up.”

Melody was somewhat startled and flustered. “Grandma, let’s… Let’s discuss this with Lucas first.”

Beatrice nodded. “Okay, we’ll wait for him to come back.”

Later that day, Parr Group’s official account released several surveillance video clips, dispelling any doubts about Sherman and Melody’s interactions.

Sherman posted on his personal social media account too.

[Just caught up with an old friend for a brief chat. Didn’t expect it to turn into a whole thing. I’d be grateful if everybody can show a little understanding.]

With these clarifications, the online community got a clearer picture of the situatión.

Finally, Melody could relax. She promptly called Lucas.

“Lucas, Sherman has cleared things up on his end. Have you seen it?”

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