The Day I Kissed An Older Chapter 1970

The Day I Kissed An Older Man

The Day I Kissed An Older Chapter 1970-Sherman kept a close eye on Melody’s changing expressions.

The phone call already raised Sherman’s suspicions, and her expression at that moment made him even more suspicious about the actual relationship between her and Lucas.

“Lucas can be a bit aloof. It must be quite exhausting for you to deal with him, huh?” Sherman casually remarked, but he carefully studied her face.

Melody, as if finding a confidant, nodded. “Exactly! He can be reserved, and his mood swings can be quite unpredictable. Sometimes, it’s tough to understand him, and it’s just so frustrating!”

“Unpredictable mood swings?” Sherman repeated with a raised eyebrow. He then continued, “Lucas might appear that way to outsiders, but since he married you, it’s most likely that he likes you. How, then, could he be so cold toward you?”

Melody sighed dejectedly. “Who knows? Sometimes I don’t even know what I’ve done to irk him. He’s really difficult to communicate with!”

“No way! If Lucas treats you like that, why did you even marry him in the first place?”

The doubts in Sherman’s mind intensified. He somehow had a feeling that there was more to their relationship than meets the eye.

Melody shook her head. “Sherman, you have no idea how challenging Lucas can be! If it weren’t for…”

Melody intended to share her grievances, but a sudden realization made her clamp her mouth shut.

She completely let her guard down around Sherman. With him being an unexpected confidant in her frustrations with Lucas, she nearly spilled all her inner turmoil.

In other words, she almost revealed the nature of their contractual marriage.

“What’s going on?” Sherman felt he was getting close to an answer, but Melody suddenly chose not to continue.

Melody chuckled and tried to lighten the mood. “Oh, nothing. I was just joking!

Obviously, I married him because I love him.”

Despite the seemingly casual tone, Sherman could not shake the feeling that Melody had something else on her mind.

“Melody…” Sherman was about to delve deeper when the office door swung open, and Lucas walked in.

As Lucas saw the two seemingly engaged in a cheerful conversation, his expression turned unreadable.

“Am I interrupting something?” he asked.

Melody quickly stood up. “Lucas, what are you doing here?”

“Didn’t you ask me to come and rescue you?” Lucas narrowed his eyes, then pulled out his phone to display the message Melody had sent him

Melody smiled awkwardly. “Uh… It was all a misunderstanding. I thought Parr Group was goingto ask meto compensate for hurting one of the celebrities they’ve hired, but Sherman here just wants me to work at Parr Group.”

“Work? Is it because you think I don’t earn enough to support you of are you lacking something in your life?

Do you find it amusing to come out and work?” asked Lucas.

He then grabbed Melody’s hand. “Now then, if you’re done fooling around, let’s go home!”

Melody was forced to follow him, but before that, she hastily turned back and awkwardly waved goodbye to Sherman.

As he watched the two people leave, Sherman’s eyes gradually darkened.

The fact that Lucas barged into his office was irksome, but he managed to keep his composure.

While there were distant family ties between his family and the Riveras, he could not afford to offend them.

Regardless, he Could not ignore the peculiar dynamics between Melody and Lucas. He sensed that things were far from simple.

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