The Day I Kissed An Older Chapter 1944

The Day I Kissed An Older Man

The Day I Kissed An Older Chapter 1944-“You’re welcome. It’s no biggie,” the boy said as he turned around to leave.

Melody then called out to him. “What’s your name? I’ll pay you back another day.”

“I’m Sherman. Don’t worry about it. It’s not that expensive anyway.” Sherman smiled warmly at her and left.

Melody looked at the sanitary napkin in her hand and felt a fuzzy feeling in her heart. As he left, she silently repeated the name to herself, “Sherman.”

The boy from her memory had grown into a handsome and elegant man. He walked toward Melody with a glass of juice and said, “Here’s some juice.”

The scene was almost a deja vu as he placed the drink in front of Melody and said, “I’m not sure which flavor you prefer, so I just took one at random, n “Thank you.” Though her response was the same as when she was 18, things seemed to have changed drastically since then. At times, she wondered what things would have been if she was braver. Perhaps her story with Sherman would have a better ending. Unfortunately, it was too late for regrets.

“You haven’t told me about your relationship with the host of this banquet.”

Sherman sat down and asked her again.

Melody snapped back from her reminiscing, but she found it difficult to answer his question. She did not want Sherman to know that she was’ married’, and she selfishly wanted him to have a good impression of her.

“You’re still as quiet as always.” Sherman gently patted her forehead, eliciting a blush from Melody. “You’ve been like that ever since high school.

Sherman then swirled his drink gracefully before saying, “People were always bullying you, but you kept quiet as if it was none of your business.”

At the mention of what happened in high school, Melody smiled helplessly and said, “I wouldn’t call myself quiet. I just don’t think it’s worth the effort when I know it’s going to be pointless anyway.”

“There are times where it’ll be better to voice out,” Sherman looked at her poignantly.

Melody avoided his gaze and asked, “What have you been up to these past few years, by the way? Are you doing well?”

“I am. I graduated successfully and did another three years of postgrad. I started working in my family company, but my mother’s been nagging me to get married and forcing me to go on blind dates all the time,” Sherman said helplessly. “I’m sure you’re well aware of my mother’s temper. That seems to be the only thing she talks about whenever I show up in front of her. She’s never going to stop nagging about it until she gets me to do what she wants.”

Melody then recalled the one time she saw Sherman’s mother from afar. The woman seemed like one of those strong women, and Sherman listened quietly as she lectured him.

That image elicited a wry smile from Melody as she said, “Your motheris urging you for your own good. I’m sure every parent wants their children to get married as soon as possible.”

“Yes, I’m aware of that,” Sherman sighed and looked deeply into her eyes. The two of them chatted happily away as they reminisced.

Unfortunately, Melody could not get a break. A handsome pair of eyes was eyeing them from afarDucaso m planned to wait for Melody so they could enter together, but he ran into a friend and went upstairs for a chat in the

VIP room. By the time he went back downstairs to look for her, he saw her sitting on the sofa with another man, seemingly enjoying her time.

Melody’s smile made Lucas narrow his eyes; she never smiled like that in front of him

“Mister Lucas, about that land I just mentioned.

…” said a middle-agean man next to Lucas. Xhe man handed oVer a wine glass carefully, fearing that he might misspeak and lose the Rivera Group’s cooperation.

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