The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 7420-7421

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 7043-7044-Chaos Wutian, who slowly got up from the ground, spit out a mouthful of blood, and then returned to Jiang Chen again.

This time, he did not kneel down again, but stood straight with his hands arched, his eyes firm, and did not say a word more.

Jiang Chen patted him on the shoulder and nodded with satisfaction.

“There’s something I have to tell you after thinking about it.” Withdrawing his hand, Jiang Chen turned around and sighed lightly: “Chaos and ……”

“Brother Jiang!” Wu Tian suddenly interrupted Jiang Chen: “I don’t want to mention her!”
Turning around
suddenly, Jiang Chen frowned: “This is not only about your dignity, but also about the safety of the entire Chao Clan, and even the Ten Thousand Worlds.”
As soon as these
words came out, Wu Tian raised his head suddenly, and stopped talking.

Immediately afterwards, Jiang Chen told everything about Zhu Youyou, including the reincarnation of the Wuji Soul in the belly of Zhu Youyou, as well as his pagan identity.

After hearing this, Wu Tian asked with shock, “So, she has already been taken away?”

Jiang Chen shook his head lightly: “Now I don’t understand, whether she was taken away by the pagan sect first, or was occupied by the Wuji soul first, or ……”

Seeing that Jiang Chen wanted to speak and stopped, Wu Tian hurriedly rushed over: “Or what, Brother Jiang, what I want to hear is the truth, don’t care if I can accept it or not.”

Jiang Chen turned around and raised his hand to swipe into the void.

In an instant, a divine Dao Source light cluster suddenly appeared.

In this source light group, a brilliant female girl spirit wrapped in countless swastika halos was sleeping quietly.

She has red hair and is extremely charming, but the terrifying and strange aura exuded from her body makes people shudder.

That’s right, she’s the same thing.

Seeing this scene, Wu Tian’s face changed greatly: “She, how did she become like this?”

“Perhaps, this is who she really is.” Jiang Chen frowned: “But I prefer to believe that she is persecuted.”

Gasping for air, Wu Tian looked at Jiang Chen with a trembling body.

“In this way, Wuji’s soul has already colluded with the pagan religion, otherwise how could it exist in the same ontology at the same time?”

“Your speculation is also our concern.” Jiang Chen said word by word: “But if you want to solve this puzzle, you must first find the past, present, and future bodies of the Wuji Reincarnated Soul Personality. As he

spoke, Jiang Chen looked directly at Wu Tian.

“Perhaps, you have many doubts about why I want to hide and return to the Ten Thousand Worlds like this, but I can only tell you that it is a last resort.”

“Including everything I’m going to do next, you may not understand, and you may even turn our brothers against each other, but I have no choice.”

Chaos Wutian twitched his cheeks: “You have become a great road now, and you are actually ……”

“What’s wrong with the avenue?” Jiang Chen said funny: “Haven’t you heard a sentence that says that it is cold in high places.”

“To say something you think is hypocritical, if you have a choice, I would rather give you the position of this Great Dao.”

With a sigh, Wu Tian hurriedly waved his hand: “Brother Jiang, no matter what you do, I will support you, and I am still willing to live and die with you and never change.”

Looking at Chaos Wutian, Jiang Chen slowly stretched out a hand at him.

“I only hope that I can do my best to prevent our brothers from turning against each other and even killing each other, otherwise, I don’t know if I can stand it.”

Wu Tian took a deep breath, stepped forward slowly, and solemnly grasped Jiang Chen’s palm.

“Brother Jiang is the green mountain, Wutian is the pine and cypress, the green mountain is in the pine and cypress, and the pine and cypress are dead when the green mountain is destroyed.”

Listening to the sonorous and powerful words of Zhu Wutian, Jiang Chen’s handsome face finally showed a touch of relief.

Immediately after, Wu Tian suddenly asked, “Then how to solve the problem of the guy who is pretending to be you?”

“With Zhong Ling and a group of brothers here, I’m not worried about the Ten Thousand Worlds.” Jiang Chen withdrew his hand and said with a light sigh: “The key now is whether you and your Chaos Clan can be up to the task.

Oh, Wu Tian frowned: “Brother Jiang just orders.” Turning

around slowly, Jiang Chen raised his head with his hands behind his back: “Let’s rectify your Chaos Clan first, I have to take another look.”

Wu Tian opened his mouth, and suddenly stopped talking.

Dark world, inside the Eye of Yin, in the Temple of the Candle Dragon.

The god of Ceres, dressed in a purple robe, sat cross-legged on a futon shining with purple and gold light, and closed his eyes to preach.

Directly in front of him, the four elephants looked at each other, but they were in a hurry, and they stopped talking.

“All said and done?” After a while, Ceres asked without raising his eyelids.

Wan Gu gritted his teeth and nodded heavily: “Dao Master, we’re all done, according to our accurate investigation, this Jiang Jiutian can’t be the reincarnation of the Infinite Dao at all.”

“In front of Laiyin, he has always fought for the Jiang Chu Empire of the rebel Jiang Chen, it can be said that the Jiang Chu Empire can dominate the ten thousand realms, and he will occupy half of the credit.”

Hearing this, Ceres pulled the corners of his mouth and sneered.

“I want substantial evidence.”

Wan Gu was stunned, and then rushed to Ceres.

“Dao Chief, with your strength, as long as you attack it, you can make it return to its original form, and it is …… at all.”


There was a sudden crisp sound, and before Wan Gu’s words were finished, he was knocked out by a purple gold light shot out by the god of ceres.

Seeing this scene, the four elephants, who were also in a hurry, suddenly changed their faces in fright, and they knelt down and prostrate one after another.

“I said a long time ago, it’s better to stay away from me.” The god of Ceres opened his mouth word by word: “Why, even the most basic rules have been forgotten?”

At this time, the Eternal Mania, who was sent out, spit out a mouthful of blood, slowly got up and knelt down.

“The Taoist head forgives the sin, it is the subordinates who have offended, but this Jiang Jiutian ……”

“There is no substantial evidence, so let me take action against the Infinite Dao Soul Personality who shows his identity, which is called a great rebellion.” The god of grains interrupted the eternal and said in a cold voice: “If you really have this loyalty, then we will strengthen our foundation and create a large number of strong people.”

“Next, for the return of the reincarnated soul personality of the Infinite Dao, these are the things that can be used.”

The last sentence was almost shouted by the god of ceres.

This also frightened the ancient and four elephants who were kneeling on the ground, and their hearts were terrified.

At this moment, at the entrance of the main hall, as a million colored lights flashed, the fake Jiang Chen suddenly appeared.

When he rushed into the main hall as if he had lost his soul, he was immediately stopped by Wangu and Sixiang.

However, when Wangu and Sixiang saw his face, they were immediately frightened and retreated quickly, as if facing a great enemy.

“Jiang, Jiang Chen!”

“Dao Shou, the big thing is not good, Jiang Chen is here.”

Hearing this, Ceres, who had closed his eyes tightly, slowly opened his eyes.

“What are you doing?” The fake Jiang Chen suddenly roared angrily: “I’m not Jiang Chen, I’m Yangyi, you guys get out, I have something important to report.”

However, the four elephants led by Wan Gu did not get out of the way, but strengthened their vigilance, as if they were ready to fight desperately at any time.

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