The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 7011

The Almighty Dragon General

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 7011-Observing Yianni’s determination, Lesia sighed helplessly.

“It’s too late. He is not just the Chosen One. He embodies the fusion of Marcials and Historial Power, as well as the Three Treasures. He also inherited Emperor Yarden’s Great Historial Land, along with all the Supernatural Powers of Zemra and Chuba. He has become the master of all the Greater Realms’ living beings and possesses their Spiritual Providence!” she said.

At these words, Yianni reacted like a thunderbolt, glaring at Lesia with intense anger. Moments later, he grabbed Lesia by her collar like a raging beast and hoisted her up. “Why? Why did you do this to him?” We can be unburdened, but he is someone who values friendship more than life itself. Emotions are his core.

“But this catastrophe will thrust him into the spotlight as the enemy of the Greater Realms. His friends, family, and admirers will turn against him.

“That’s a worse fate than death to him. How can he continue living like that?”

Lesia did not resist and silently allowed Yianni to express his anger.

Yainni roared frustratedly, “Have you forgotten, Frona? We watched him grow up together. We envied his ability to stay true to himself, his passion and fearlessness, his loyalty, his imagination, and freedom.”

“We pinned all our unfulfilled dreams on him, vowing to create a perfect path for him to remain true to himself. But now…”

“Have you said enough?” Lesia suddenly interrupted.

Yianni, taken aback, twitched with anger still etched on his face.

Lesia said solemnly, “If you want to kill me, do it now. I return to nothingness, to my true self. Do you think I care about your Haleth Realm?”

Yianni was rendered speechless.

Lesia continued, “If you aren’t going to kill me, then put me down. Some things are beyond our control.”

Yianni raised his head, took a deep breath, and slowly put Lesia down.

After straightening her clothes, Lesia shot an annoyed glance at Yianni.

Yianni hissed through gritted teeth, “I don’t want to hear your explanation. I just want a solution.”

Lesia replied firmly, “No. The situation is set. We can design and plan for things, but they may not unfold as we envisioned.

“Don’t forget. Our opponent isn’t a fool. He operates from the shadows and understands the situation clearly. He is more capable of manipulating the circumstances than US.”

Yianni turned to Lesia and said, “Are you saying he deliberately led James astray and pushed him to the forefront to disrupt us?”

Lesia did not respond. Instead, she slowly took out a jar of Chaos Absinthe and drank from it.

Yianni frowned at her behavior.

After a momentary silence, Lesia said, “There’s a temporal gap in the Greater Realms. From the moment James embarked on his cultivation path, it had been nine hundred and sixty thousand entrapochs.

“Back then, we suspected the Waitara Path reincarnated as a Soremsia and destroyed the River of Time because he was afraid of US finding him.”

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