The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 7005

The Almighty Dragon General

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 7005-“Why are you being so stubborn, Qadeer?”

The word “Path” materialized above the sedan chair. It expanded gradually, shining with unmatched brilliance, making one subconsciously want to worship it.

Witnessing this, Qadeer, who had summoned countless black phantoms, suddenly burst into eerie laughter.

“Lord Goyo, I know your Wuia Light is powerful and is unstoppable by any deity in the Greater Realm. However, that no longer includes me!” As he spoke, Qadeer moved his hand, and countess black phantoms with the chilling aura of death swept over toward the “Path” in the air.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

A series of loud expressions resounded as the phantoms collided with the”


The shock waves spread, causing the space to collapse and the void to shake violently.

After thousands of consecutive impacts, the entire void suddenly collapsed into nothingness. The Fortieth Heaven crumbled, ceasing to exist.

Seeing the “Path” still emitting a divine light in the void as it resisted the Oblivion Energy, he eventually gave up and panted from exhaustion. He understood his current strength was insufficient to defeat the strongest man of the Greater Realm. However, his opponent could not kill him either.

‘Forget it. I should take James’ Three Treasures first before dealing with Goyo.’ After coming to a decision, Qadeer clenched his fist and said, ‘Today onward, you and I are mortal enemies. If you want to meddle with the Greater Realms’ affairs, you will have to go through me first!”

After speaking, he transformed into a black light and entered the Gate of Mystery, disappearing into the void.

At that moment, inside the sedan chair, a long-haired man in a silver-white robe suddenly clutched his chest and spat out a large mouthful of blood. His face turned deathly pale.

“Lord Goyo! You’re injured!”

A beautiful woman in a gray robe suddenly rushed over to him.

Goyo raised his head and said solemnly, “Qadeer is no longer the same as before. Aside from the Leere Tribulation, he’ll also pose a great danger to the Geater Realms. This will be tough!”

The beautiful woman wore a surprised expression.

“How did he obtain Nothingness Dead Energy? The Nine Nothingness Gods had sealed it away a long time ago. It can’t manifest in the Haleth Realm.”

Goyo stated, ‘There is only one explanation. A powerful being has breached the Xloria Barrier.

“Among the Five Primal Evolutions, besides Taiyi and you, who can transverse the Xanadu and Haleth Realm, there’s only Taishi.”

Taichu shook her head and said, “It can’t be me or Taiyi. The Nine Nothingness Gods had altered the Paths and reclaimed the Waitara Path, stripping US of our right to cross the two realms.”

Goyo’s eyes narrowed slightly, and he remarked, “Then it must be Taishi. She can travel the void…”

“She wouldn’t help Qadeer.” Taichu shot down the possibility.

Goyo sighed and said, “No, she wouldn’t. But she would try to help James.

Otherwise, how does he know about the Leere Tribulation?”

Taichu’s eyes widened in shock as she questioned, “Are you suggesting Qadeer learned about how to cross the Xloria Barrier when Taishi helped James?

“No, that’s impossible. Despite Qadeer’s superior strength, Taishi would’ve definitely sensed him trying to spy on her. Moreover, James has the Chaos YinYang Eyes, which would certainly…”

Goyo suddenly interrupted, saying, ‘There’s something very wrong with the Wuia Demon-Slayer Sword.”

Taichu trembled in realization and exclaimed, “James obtained the sword during his battle in the Thirty-Third Heaven. It’s indeed the Wuia DemonSlayer Sword.

Everyone in Zymurgy knows…”

Goyo fixed his eyes on Taichu and said solemnly, “Indeed. The Wuia Demon – Slayer Sword represents the authority of the Waitara Path. However, returning to the true essence, the paths unite into one. The Wuia DemonSlayer Sword comprised nine swords.

“Before the Waitara Path disappeared, the Wuia Demon-Slayer Sword was so powerful, and it would’ve been a great danger to fall into evil hands.

Hence, it was divided into two. The first four swords are in my possession to stabilize the Greater Realms, while the other five were scattered, and their whereabouts are unknown.

“I’m able to control the Four Path Emperors and Taiyi with the first four swords.

Additionally, it helped me maintain a power balance.”

Goyo waved his hand, and four divine swords materialized, each emitting blinding lights and terrifying power.

Taichu covered her mouth and exclaimed, “If you have possession of them, then is the Wuia Demon-Slayer Sword that James has fake?”

Goyo responded coldly, “It’s not fake. It’s likely the fifth sword. Qadeer’s Soremsia has lingered in the Greater Realms for a long time. I’m afraid his goal wasn’t just to search for the Waitara Path.”

Taichu suddenly came to a realization.

Qadeer had been wielding the Wuia Demon-Slayer Sword to intimidate others by claiming Lord Goyo had entrusted it to him.

Taichu looked at Goyo and said, “Qadeer must have placed his Primordial Spirit Restrict ion on the sword, which is why he can monitor James’ every move without detection.

“Even so, James had only crossed the Xloria Barrier for a short while. Even though his Primordial Spirit is attached to the sword, and he managed to enter the Xanadu Realm together, it’s not enough time to cultivate Nothingness Dead Energy.”

Goyo smiled and said, “Have you ever heard the time passes differently in the Xloria and Haleth Realm?

Taichi was stunned by his words.

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