The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 7003

The Almighty Dragon General

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 7003-Before James could react, he was immediately enveloped by the Bohnwer Lights.

Morgott immediately dashed over but was bounced away by the lights. He shouted, “Damn it, Taichu! How could you swallow James?!”

Taichu declared, “You’re not worthy of my blessing, you ignorant demon.”

James was bathed in Taishi Divine Light and felt a terrifying aura.

He unleashed his Zen and saw a mass of black energy headed toward Morgott.

“Morgott!” Startled, James shouted worriedly. Then, he quickly activated the Dawnblaze Form, escaped the divine light, and rushed toward Morgott.

Taichu called out, “Do you also wish to be like him, James?!!”

However, it was already too late. James had already reached Morgott and was

also swallowed by the black energy.

“Haha! I must thank you two, James, Morgott. If not for this catastrophe, I would not have successfully integrated my Five Spirits!”

Within the black energy, a spectral figure emerged and gradually formed into Qadeer’s appearance. He waved his hand, and the Gate of Mystery reopened.

Bohnwer Lights, combined with terrifying black energy, erupted from within it, gradually enveloping the entire area.

James had only just reunited with Morgott, but before he had time to speak, a terrifying and majestic suction force pulled him into the Gate of Mystery.

The black energy dissipated, leaving only the Gate of Mystery shining with Bohnwer Lights and Qadeer standing before it.

Clad in a black robe, surrounded by a deathly aura, Qadeer’s eyes were like a bottomless abyss. With a hand behind his back, he gazed at the gray mass in the void disdainfully. “Taichu, since you’ve intervened, don’t think about leaving.”

Taichu shouted, “You maniac! I can’t believe you cultivated Oblivion Power!

You’re the real demon!”

Qadeer laughed, “Haha! It’s thanks to the Chosen One and Morgott, who you had high hopes for. Without them, how could I integrate my Five Spirits into Oblivion Power?

“It’s time I integrate my Three Treasures as well. You’ll be the perfect material for it.”

Qadeer stretched out his hand, and a terrifying ball of black energy rushed toward the gray air mass.

Taichu’s gray air mass was immediately sucked away. The next moment, she ascended into the air.

Quadeer said with a smirk, “It won’t be easy to escape. I should also have a deity as a cultivation partner. I’m curious to see what kind of deity you are.’ After speaking, a phantom figure erupted from his body and charged at Taichu, who was surrounded by gray energy.

The next moment, the phantom entered the gray energy, and a fierce battle erupted within it.

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